10 Best Linux VPS Hosting

The EIG consortium acquired Bluehost, one of their first big hosting purchases that will mark the whole future of the industry.

Visit A2 Hosting Managed starts at $49. Managed VPS plans bring all of the software required for programming and web development (DevOps) into a PaaS product that is available instantly. If you still feel confused though, then we’ll start with a basic overview.

In short, cPanel control panel is a graphical interface that allows you to easily manage hosting resources like a domain name, storage, disk space, web mail and more.

The features included are a little bit typical, but you can build an online store very easily with InMotion’s e-commerce builder tools. GoDaddy offers every type of hosting plan under the sun, including for VPS. The benefits of cloud hosting are even greater.

Multiple operating systems. The biggest benefit of having unlimited bandwidth is that you don’t have to worry about any performance dips due to a lot of web traffic. Even if you understand the differences, the similarities between the two services mean the lines are sometimes blurred.

Talk about across-the-board services. – Windows VPS is a curious thing, as it requires specific Microsoft licenses. Upgrading to VPS hosting is the next logical step for you at this point. American powerhouse InterServer offers a variety of hosting services, operating off its three state-of-the-art data centers. It is important to remember that GreenGeeks will not provide support for any 3rd party software installed. The best part? Sitelock defends your websites against attacks and malware. When working in a VPS hosting environment, you'll also be responsible for many of the security features.

This plan is also fully customizable.

VPS vs Cloud Hosting

It will be best if you imagine you’re on your own and never contact what passes for support. VPS hosting can often be the best route because it offers advanced security features but on a better budget. They offer a great amount of SSD disk space and RAM, as well as up to 3 TB of bandwidth for a low price. What is the real advantage of using VPS Hosting? What is a VPS?

A software package that includes Apache, Nginx, Varnish Cache, PostgreSQL, MYSQL, PHP, Python, Perl, RoR, & Node. Cloud hosting offers high availability because of redundancy across the network. The company touts an in-house monitoring system on all levels — server, website, and infrastructure.

With the best WordPress cloud hosting, your website will have access to all of the resources it needs if it suddenly experiences a spike in traffic. More from business wire, if you are looking for high-end enterprise hosting — especially for web applications — Rackspace might be on your list of potential hosts. On a typical web host, it’s almost identical to how you managed sites on shared hosting plans. The most powerful plan, the “Ultimate” plan, is essentially a double-power version of the Enhanced plan, and costs $59.

Because it’s essential to the safety of your site and will help your website function smoothly and efficiently.

Managed vs. Unmanaged VPS

You need more control and flexibility than shared hosting offers but can’t justify having your own server. For those of you who want complete customization over your server and expect 100,000+ visitors each month, then you might want to consider a dedicated server. Although it is a nice provider, there are some flaws in getting Bluehost. There’re a lot of factors that can affect your web hosting server’s uptime such as:

In the grand scheme of web hosting options, VPS hosting is the next level up from a standard shared plan. Want to read more about Hostinger? That means they allow multi-server management, hence users can add more space to their account at any time, or even a couple VPS with shared or dedicated servers. Summary of 2020’s best ecommerce hosting:, it is the third most popular Ecommerce software on the web, with over 380,000 active stores. Clients include TaskRabbit, jQuery, and Ghost.

For example, the new optional White Label feature lets you bill your clients for hosting and other services, using your own branding and pricing, through a client-facing online dashboard. Choice of OS – Windows Server 2020 or 2020. So if you’re evaluating VPS plans from an uptime perspective, you can rest easy knowing that every provider on our list is a safe option. So, it’s perfect if you need the benefits of a private server, but prefer to keep costs low. Hosting companies have published benchmark tests which show up to 30x faster speeds on I/O processes on web server requests using SSD storage over HDD technology.

8 best VPS hosting providers: Conclusion

Linux users also have plenty of choices. Not too shabby. In the past, they offered plans for regular WordPress website owners, but with prices now starting at $299 a month, Pagely have focused on the enterprise and public sector markets, as well as anyone else with serious hosting requirements. Otherwise, you can get comparable plans at a better rate elsewhere. By dealing with domain name registration, website hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting, etc. However, the biggest challenge for the businesses is get an ideal VPS provider in order to meet the requirements.

So your hosting never gets overloaded and the uptime monitoring option also available. Similarly, in the case of VPS, there are several users that are using the same server but they are isolated from each other. What else you expect from a hosting company? – Windows Server 2020 or 2020. If you’re considering switching over to a VPS hosting plan, then there’s probably good reason for it.

More importantly, when using a VPN connection, any data which is sent to and from your device is all encrypted.

  • The main advantage of VPS hosting plans is that they provide the isolation and system resources required for advanced web server stack customizations that enable better website caching for high performance web & mobile applications at scale.
  • What is A VPS and Why Would You Need One?
  • However, choosing between these two types can be a bit tricky for many of us especially if one isn't aware of their features.
  • If your small business is at the in-between junction of traffic versus income, a VPS could be a painless, simple solution.

Deploy your Windows VPS Easily

The same goes for adding more resources to your VPS server. – No one-size-fits-all plan here. In reality, everything has a limit. Windows servers are far more overpriced because of the licensing fees that one has to pay in lump sum or regularly.

What is VPS hosting used for? What is a VPS, and what is it used for? Packages tailored to individuals, agencies, developers and enterprises. #4. instagram: best platform for visuals, it can drive views to your posts, especially if you submit your content to one of the popular Medium publications such as:. Here are some things to think about when you’re choosing a plan.

A shared hosting plan is the most affordable option for website owners with small sites. You can use the world’s most popular content management system with VPS hosting. Through A2 Hosting, you can pay through your local debit card or wallets. InterServer has a number of different options, offering 16 different levels of VPS service on the Linux and Windows operating systems. Rest assured, though, it’s a serious upgrade from shared hosting. Many webmasters prefer it because it makes the virtual server feel and operate like a dedicated machine. It also signifies that the provider is capable of delivering reliable services.

Best VPS Hosting Servers

Will my site be faster on a VPS compared to shared hosting? My first try with the live chat started with a message: 5 million clients in over 100 countries. When you add more content to your website, its speed will likely slow down after some time. Developer (self-managed) and managed VPS hosting tiers. The choice of proprietary vs. A virtual server is a server running on another server.

35 per month for a year, Cloud VPS is $8.

Day Money-back Guarantee

Sometimes VPS isn’t even the best option for your needs. I received similar feedback from clients moving away from GoDaddy years ago, so I guess some things never change. If it happens frequently, your site visitors may stop coming, so again, it may be time to move to VPS hosting. Some premium security features come at additional cost. Constant contact, awardspace offers you the same kind of benefits most respectable free web hosts can afford to offer, but they manage to one-up the competition by offering 1 free domain and 3 free subdomains, effectively allowing their users up to 4 free websites per account! Performance – Just as with any other kind of hosting, I always look for blazing fast speeds and uncompromising uptime. Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting VPS hosting is a step up from shared hosting.

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99, which includes 8GB of memory, 240GB of storage, and unmetered bandwidth, as well as 3 dedicated IPs and a free 1-year SSL certificate. Regardless of your plan, you can always add an extra server directly from the HostPapa dashboard. There are some that come managed, but the level of technical knowledge needed is different from regular shared hosting. Those sites that fail to address the problem in a timely manner are penalized accordingly. However, things happen. So, what do we have here? I made sure to point that out in the reviews. I got a hold of an agent quite easily, but the chat application was doing its best to work against me — replies were often duplicated and sent with a delay.


You can pay these intro rates for 36 months. The latest trends in web hosting have seen companies move beyond the single server model on cloud, VPS, & shared platforms to host multiple copies of a website's files and use network load balancing software to route traffic to the hardware with the most open processing capacity for better response times. Their price is the same as BlueHost VPS, but DreamHost provides only 1 GB Ram for the Start-Up plan. It is commonly used by those who have websites with specific requirements. 95 with a discount for new clients.

If so, you'll want to invest in a web hosting service that offers Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Most VPS hosting providers provide you with at least 1 IP address that you can use to run your own web, email, and FTP servers. Use this special discount link to save big. E-commerce is booming, and if you run an online store you’ll want to upgrade servers for both functionality and security. You do get access to a WordPress optimized hosting environment, automated backups, and full access to the server — something not seen often with managed WordPress hosting, so it could be a good alternative to their standard VPS plan. Planning your purchase, i’ll then explain what web hosting actually is, and what the different types of hosting mean, so that you know which web hosting plan is going to be the best for your website. As your business grows, it’s quick and easy to scale your VPS with extra RAM and SSD storage in under 10 seconds. This option is great for those who aren’t familiar with VPS hosting and need a bit of extra help getting things up and running. Everything was clear and to-the-point. That’s how Hostinger got to 29+ million clients worldwide.

You can save some money by shopping around for services that offer the cheaper SSL plans.

On the lower end, entry-level plans may include one or two cores. Linux is an open-sourced operating system. To put it simply, your project gets plenty of room to grow and accommodate more visitors with no service downtimes.

The host itself sponsors most such reviews, so make sure to trust proven facts only.