How To Build Your Own Author Website In 30 Minutes

Potential clients can filter projects based on the clients you’ve worked with, topics and skills, which are great for writers that work in multiple industries.

Unlike some of the other blogging platforms, Medium has a built-in audience, which makes it often debatable whether it’s a publisher or a platform. Build a new site, then if your site keeps growing and you want to upgrade to managed WordPress hosting to speed up your site and improve security, they have that too. The interface of Tumblr is more playful and is easy to get started with – you can simply sign up and then you’re allowed to start posting. Check out the table below to find the best website builder for your author’s site. That makes a ‘basic’ site with them more expensive than Wix, Constant Contact, and even Squarespace.

You can add unique features by using your custom CSS option or you can hire someone to tweak your theme once it’s completed. The whole site builder, like Wix, is super straightforward and easy to use. Verdict: which web host to go for?, after the promotional period, the renewal price for some web hosting services can be two, three, or even four times the initial promotional pricing. Not only does meticulous formatting help your site design make a killer first impression (remember the eye-opening stats about visuals?) Those come in at $12-$26/month.

  • But it’s not great, either.
  • Other builders offer more freedom; if that's what you're looking for, check out Gator or Wix.
  • Text, picture, button… the order is up to you.
  • Narrow down your top two novel ideas, put a few chapters of each on one of the sites above and see which gets more traction.
  • Usually for less than $100 you can pickup a premium theme that has a lot more functionality and comes with support, customer forums, and most importantly, documentation on how to get the site setup.
  • Keep the voice and tone of your website distinctive and consistent, so people immediately recognize the relation to your work.

Click here if you need help getting your email list setup. Not good for users. Like many competitors in this space, Wix offers a basic free website builder plan that lets you create a free website starter site with ads. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. Seo and security plan, we strive to provide at least 48 hours notice to allow customers to make adjustments before we take any corrective action. Weebly is yet another website builder that allows you to build a beautiful website with drag and drop.

They boast a stable uptime of 99. As we mentioned at the top, many builders lock you into their hosting service, but not all. Put a link to your contact page so that media can easily reach you if interested. Being able to communicate with a real human being when you have a question or issue can make freelance life that much easier. Now, there are some trade-offs, so you may want to get a hosting plan after all. What free blog hosting options are available?, i’ve been an InMotion customer for 10 years now and continue to enjoy the performance and support I receive from them. Get started on BoldGrid now. A two paragraph version that is very straight forward and then a longer version that goes into your background, where you grew up, what led you to being a writer, etc.

Even her online store breaks into the two sides of her work, with entrance to her art or her children’s books.

Which Are The Best Websites For Writers To Post Their Work Publicly?

It’s still fairly limited, but it does give you a great-looking portfolio, and its paid plans offer advanced analytics tools, too. Vps hosting, you may want to host a personal website or blog, too. Through content marketing, blogging, paid ad campaigns, social media advertising, and more, you can reach readers and potential customers directly, and drive them to your website. Can’t I just use social media, like a LinkedIn company page, instead of a website to promote my writing business?

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There is no need to know their phone number or address in the initial contact. Wix wants you to connect your domain before you see the email pricing, for example. The company has since grown to employ over 400 people with offices located in Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States. Once you do that, you’ll be asked what kind of website you want to create.

Many of these website builder services trick you with their low introductory prices, like letting you set up a website for free. Fluctis hosting thanksgiving day voucher codes, i don't think you understand what a DDoS involves. When you sign up, you get a free subdomain, 500 GB of storage, and 1 GB of bandwidth. If you aren’t tech savvy, there’s a learning curve so be prepared to spend a few hours going through their documentation and learning how to set it up.

As we mentioned before, there are no free plans on Squarespace, but its advanced design features make this understandable.

The next question I get is, “Isn’t that too much? It makes the job of creating a website extremely easy. Squarespace includes tons of website designs to get started. – How much hands-on work does your blogging solution need?