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It includes all other ResellerClub features, such as package and branding customization capabilities, unlimited accounts, free SSL certificates, a 99.

Pricing for the SiteGround reseller program is a bit different from HostGator. After setting up their website on your server, you won’t have to look after the server management task. That may mean responding to outages and critical issues 24 hours a day. 99 per month on a 12-month contract and includes unlimited bandwidth and unlimited accounts. We care about the environment and what we leave that’s why we utilize an advanced Outside Air Cooling technology in our Los Angeles Data Center. Overview, joomla content management certainly has a lot of offer for both beginners and experts in web design industry and it make an excellent choice for building and growing your presence online. By setting your prices correctly, you can make a profit on the money you are spending. Resellers basically sublease some of their server space to others.

Trust us, you’re much better off with a reputable host — they work hard to earn your business and keep costs as low as possible.

More on that in a bit. Each package also has an impressive array of features you can offer your customers – so your web hosting business can compete with the best. However, we preferred providers with more comprehensive tools such as Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS). InMotion Hosting has overall good features, but hardly anything outstanding.

One of the main reasons people get into reselling web hosting, as opposed to building their own web hosting service from scratch, is the ease of entry.

GoDaddy Hosting

You can set up a private nameserver for free. Resellers have the ability to host unlimited customers. It’s that GoDaddy lets you resell fixed plans and take a commission. Best overall cheap web host, if you’re currently using the rest of the Microsoft suite of software, then this will sync up nicely. As your business grows, you may find this system restrictive, compared to other hosts that give you complete control. After the migration, the only thing you would need to do is change the nameservers’ IP’s from the ones of the old hosting company to the new IP’s provided by your new hosting provider.

As a preliminary stage of signing up as a reseller host, you should know what this type of hosting entails. This has been a bit of a mixed review. Easy to scale. Speed is guaranteed. Private nameservers is the first thing to configure after your reseller account is activated and you receive the login details. If you recommend a hosting service as a web designer, you just get paid for one time and that too just a small amount of referral fees. It’s best for businesses that plan to sell to clients that require tight security for handling sensitive data, such as ecommerce companies. The best seller hosting is typically powered by a VPS plan.

The prices of a reseller account are quite affordable and so you can easily pay them. Furthermore, you'll be able to sell packages quickly by providing a truly fast service. It will inevitably take a while to sell enough hosting to break even. Fortunately, HostGator makes it easy for you to scale. It’s a smart way for developers and agencies to earn some extra money from their existing clients.

  • You make money like any other hosting provider.
  • Known for fantastic shared hosting, SiteGround is a big player in the hosting game.
  • Ask your hosting provider to do it for you if you are not sure how to do it.
  • Option to White Label As a web hosting service reseller, one of the key features that you want is the ability to rebrand the dashboards, support tools, and other aspects of the site.
  • In a nutshell, reseller hosting makes it possible for you to sell web hosting to other people.
  • Users will also be able to resell domains.
  • Not to mention that eco-friendly stuff sells better.

GoDaddy Web Hosting

A reseller hosting account is a hosting account that lets you resell hosting plans to clients. Want to jump straight to the answer? If you don’t have many clients, this is somewhat expensive. If your clients wants to register domain name, then all you have to do is contact us and we will get the domain name registered for your clients. There is a lot of demand for web hosting, whether it is shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, or virtual private server (VPS) hosting. To make our list, providers had to include free customer support to those who purchase reseller hosting packages.

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This could mean buying new CPUs, RAM, and more on a semi-regular basis. I’m nitpicking here—the platforms actually tie for the best reseller CRM. Ask your provider if they support 100% private label (or white-labeling) which means they should be using an anonymous domain name for the hostname of their servers, they will give you IP addresses to register your own private nameservers and your clients will not see their name anywhere mentioned in the hosting control panel.

I am not sure which plan to choose, can I change my plan later?

It is competitive, but still profitable. With VPS reseller hosting, you can offer your customers higher levels of reliability, root access, and fully-configurable backups. You’ll need to pay for your reseller plan, at whatever level you choose to purchase it. How can I promote my reseller hosting service on my site?

(95 renewal) provides 140GB disk space and 1400GB bandwidth. SiteGround's reseller plan is a little more ambitious. 99/mo yearly offers 4 CPUs, 2GB RAM, 50GB of disk space, 500GB of bandwidth, and 20 cPanel accounts. To create a landing page, all you have to do is to install the template on your site and edit the content and pricing so you can start selling reseller packages in no time flat.

  • They’ll always have the exact amount of resources they need—no performance issues and no paying for unused resources.
  • ResellerCluster program provides carefully selected and tested marketing tools.
  • The basic logic is that there are several physical businesses that are now turning towards online platform.
  • It would be best if you have your own private nameservers and we’ve mentioned why in the “Why should I use private nameservers” article.
  • Unlimited stuff is not the most transparent strategy but the cPanel licenses is a good guide as to what amount of resources you can use.
  • The most popular billing system used by hosting providers nowadays is WHMCS.
  • Reselling web hosting is much different than our affiliate program as reselling is completely white labeled to your brand/business.

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Best for Windows & Linux per-client Pricing: InMotion’s uptime guarantee also isn’t the highest on this list, coming in second behind HostGator. InMotion offers reseller web hosting plans and VPS hosting which start from only $27. In fact, it has two impressive datacenters in the US.

99% uptime guarantee, you can offer your customers a reliable hosting service with unlimited data transfer and fast loading speeds. The ability to offer your users unlimited disc space and bandwidth is a great draw. R-3000s shared reseller plan for $30. You can easily set up your own private name server. Really, there’s hardly a mention of NameCheap reseller hosting anywhere. This is a faster solution and can save your time and money as you are selling the ready-made products developed by someone else. On top of that, Windows plans offer fewer resources for a similar price since Windows hosting is always more expensive. If your host runs into problems, your users will come to you for a solution, so reseller hosting isn’t entirely stress-free.

Choose the Best Reseller Web Hosting

With a few hosting customers you’ll generally be able to cover the costs of white label hosting and be able to turn a profit from that point. Generally speaking, novice website owners are more likely to purchase a hosting account from you. Reseller hosting does not require the extensive technical understanding of infrastructure that hosting from the ground up does. Domain hosting review conclusion, 5 million sites, blogs, and applications. Once you have the plan ready to develop your website, add privacy policy pages, terms of service, service level agreement. How do I become a hosting reseller? You’ll also incur all of the normal costs of running and marketing a business, including advertising, domain registration, software, support, phone lines, and staff salaries. Granted, the restriction may annoy some users, but if you get too many clients, it might be time to upgrade to a more powerful solution anyway. If you add hosting to your services, it will make easier for your customers to get everything under one-roof.

  • No outsourcing company can support your customers better than you.
  • Anyhow, we inspected the reports—where they were available—to create the most accurate reviews possible.
  • When someone is searching for your niche services, the individual or business is more likely to select your company which offers all necessities at one place.


This control panel is the industry standard for reseller hosting. I have to admit, when I saw a best reseller hosting Reddit threads mention Brixley, I didn’t think much of it. Additionally, some (but not all) hosting companies give you access to ‘white-label’ software to manage your client accounts and billing procedures (this is called WHMCS). Freehostia, bluehost is the top-rated recommended Web Hosting company on WordPress. These are the absolute essentials for any successful reseller. This great low-risk model eliminates one of the most significant pitfalls of running a web hosting reseller business. 95/month, and $69.

These specifications make SiteGround a top choice for resellers with clients that don’t have a ton of website traffic. Unless you are a great multitasker, if you are already busy, finding the time to work as a hosting provider might prove to be too complicated. HostPapa reseller packages are fully white label and offer cPanel for the clients as well as private name servers for building your own brand and recognition. True, the projected downtime only amounts to a number of hours – but once again, apply this to all your clients, and you can start to see the value of the extra 0. That way, you won’t have to get used to a new panel if you change providers. Can I have a Custom Nameserver?

Like the rest of their web hosting services, HostGator’s reseller options are great. ScopeHosts offers free domain registration for our resellers. Some hosts will provide your customers with technical support, saving you a lot of time and headaches. Starting at $39. %mmins, world of Warcraft, Runescape etc etc. In my A2 hosting review research I found that A2 Hosting is committed to a 99. For example, if you run a web development company, you can create websites for clients, combine it with White Label reselling and deliver the complete package to the customer as a single project.

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If the plans aren’t working out for you, you have a one-month refund period. Titanium for $119. Choosing a shared hosting service from a hosting provider can be a daunting task for newbie customers. How does reseller hosting differ from affiliate marketing? The popular feature boosts performance up to 20x faster than traditional hard disk drives, and your customers will appreciate the top-notch DDoS protection, unlimited email accounts, and automatic backups. All in all, Brixly offers a lucrative deal. To begin with, all the essentials both for reselling hosting and for users to build a website are included. 99/month, Gold at $36.

It’s a real shame that I can’t give NameCheap a more positive review. This means the monthly charge for reseller hosting won’t go up even if you use it for the next fifty years. Widest range of products to meet every web professional's needs. But that's not even all as InMotion adds lots of extras: With you acting as the intermediary you can ensure that never happens. We migrate more than 50,000 sites per year and know all the ins-and-outs how to make the process smooth and risk-free for you! 9% uptime rate. This gives it an edge over many other providers.

This allows you to keep your space separate from that of your customers, adding convenience and peace of mind. This is because once you acquire a customer, it's fairly easy to keep them for life or several years. At least that’s what a number of Brixly clients expected, given that they’ve left negative user reviews because of warnings for overusing server resources. HostPapa reseller hosting is 100% white label. This is essentially a turnkey automation solution that’ll set up WHMCS, Enom, and a premium SSL certificate for you. The actual deal that these individuals or companies end up getting is similar to what they would receive with shared hosting: If you meet that criteria, our WHMCS module makes it easy for you to begin without a complicated or time-consuming setup.

Domain Names

But when choosing a reseller platform, you need to consider how much time you have to dedicate to reselling, since this will determine what features are most important to you. Many freelance web designers will choose to become web hosting resellers because it compliments their existing services well. These premium features will help you attract more customers and differentiate yourself from the competition. It includes 60GB of disk space and 600GB of monthly bandwidth for unlimited client accounts. Getting started with SiteGround’s reseller program requires an upfront payment for five credits, whether or not you have five customers to sell to. Spoiler alert: SiteGround reseller hosting can be fully white labeled.

While this might seem expensive when compared to standard hosting, you'll need to note, that these are fully-managed installs and you don't have to lift a finger to maintain these sites.

Cloud Hosting

Is it a deal-breaker? Brixly doesn’t do this. This plan is a great value for those new to reseller hosting or those with a small but growing list of clients needing only Linux hosting, as the monthly fee includes a hosting plan for an unlimited number of accounts. Additionally, by having funds in an AutoScaling Balance, resources are allocated and charged accordingly on an hourly basis through a pre-paid model. Is my reseller hosting scalable? That will not be important if you use the reseller web hosting plan to host your own web sites or if you are a web design studio developing web sites which you host yourself but it becomes a huge issue if you are using the reseller hosting account to sell web hosting and grow as a web hosting provider. Ensure that you do your research before making a selection. However, you can reach out to your hosting provider’s customer service if you need any assistance.

Every provider on our list has to have a minimum 99. GreenGeeks plans work a bit differently. This reseller service is made with developers in mind. You also want a high degree of redundancy. If you’re offering e-commerce hosting, then including a free or cheap SSL certificate is something you’ll want to consider. But the Pro reseller plan offers a 40% discount for only $14.

  • Find out more about their other hosting services in my complete GoDaddy hosting review.
  • Offer 70+ domain name extensions at attractive prices.

Compare Reseller Hosting Plans

Let’s take a look at what factors you should consider when choosing a reseller hosting plan: For example, you can take a plan which costs $29/month. Unlike some other hosts, the all-around-excellent InMotion won’t charge resellers for management tools, enabling the company to pass the savings onto customers. You are limited to a certain number of client accounts, though. Best web hosting companies for your wordpress blog, other sites can’t take your site down. 95/mo (renews at $34. )As you can see, the price points for all three are within $5 of each other.

Unfortunately, the feature set corresponds with the cheap price, if that’s the tradeoff you’re willing to make. Another option is to install it at www. HostGator covers both CRM and billing with WHMCS.

It’s the best for those hosting content-rich sites, such as designers in the news media space, who need the security of daily backups.

Since this industry generates tremendous profits, resellers get a small piece of that without having to invest much upfront capital. Such approach, however, causes server issues like having to handle billing externally, being unable to allocate server resources efficiently, and having to purchase several shared hosting plans if you have too many clients. These servers need to be monitored continuously in maintained environment. How does reseller hosting work? All in all, GreenGeeks does well feature-wise. That’s why the best reseller hosting plan must provide 100% private label.

Kamatera doesn’t have any preset plans.

Did you know that InMotion Hosting has green data centers?

Almost all reseller plans include WHMCS billing software that helps you in easy billing of your customers and can also manage their payment plans. It’s important to complement your natural promotional talent with hosting providers that offer white label solutions and that make scaling simple for when the going gets good. So you won’t have to worry about your clients being upset with the performance of their website. Reseller hosting allows you to sell white labeled hosting services to your clients under your brand name. Yes, your clients can choose the server location for the service they purchase. The more bulk orders you make, the cheaper the reseller hosting plan becomes.

What is White Label Hosting? Make sure your provider is active on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can only get HDD storage. Not that using a reseller hosting account to sell web hosting is bad but in the eyes of customers it doesn’t look very well.

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Another thing to watch out for with reseller hosting packages is what you actually get as a reseller, i. The disk space and bandwidth limits here are lower than others on this list, considering HostGator’s higher starting price points. This ensures you will always have a copy of your latest data. ScopeHosts will provide customer support for your customers on behalf of your hosting business. It is most suitable to freelancers and agencies offering web designing, development and business services to their clients.

Will I be provided with SSL certificate ? As the name suggests, GreenGeeks puts special effort into being environmentally friendly. Offer a complementary service to your web design and development clients. Reseller hosting, which is also known as "white label hosting," refers to the business of creating your own web hosting business from tools and services you resell from larger hosting companies, like the ones that appear in the above chart.

9% uptime guarantee. Average features, all in all. How do I become a White Label Reseller? WHMCS handles support ticketing and account management with billing and invoicing. It’s essentially white label website hosting. We’ve put particular focus on the features most important for reseller hosting such as the plans you can offer to the clients, white labeling, the control panel, billing, and CRM software. 24/7 support is a standard feature offered by almost all popular web hosting providers.


After that, you just need clients. White-label hosting or Reseller hosting is creates a completely new world of income generating opportunities. Sounds tricky and expensive? So it’s no surprise that they offer excellent reseller hosting plans. This means you have to do all the selling, billing, etc. Reseller hosting is not for everyone.

If you don’t need any particularly crazy features, ResellerClub is the way to go. Choose a host you want to start dealing with while reselling. The R3 plan is designed to give those on the R2 plan an affordable way to grow as their disk space and data transfer needs increase. You will have access over cPanel and WHMCS panel, which will allow you to add or delete the features on client’s account. Price is important, I know, but it’s not high on the list of priorities here.

Providers owned by GoDaddy or EIG often underperform in the post-acquisition period because the hosting behemoths “optimize” everything for profit, not performance.

SiteGround – Best for an Ultra-Reliable Reseller Hosting Business

In most cases, resellers are responsible for providing first line support. How does reseller hosting differ from shared hosting? All you need to do is register the clients-and we'll issue you a check for 50% of the revenue that they generate each month! HostPapa might not be the cheapest option but it does provide premium quality, security, and tools for the users. You can easily set up a private name server. GreenGeeks — Best for developers who prioritize eco-friendly hosting. Support can be reached by live chat, email, Skype, or phone at 888-321-4678 (extension 2).

Many web hosts offer reseller schemes where you can buy a block of resources – disk space, bandwidth, a number of cPanel accounts – to divide and sell in any way you like.

The benefit of choosing this type of business is that there are little upfront costs needed and the most reputable hosting companies will provide you with resources as you get your business off the ground. This value will translate into cheaper, more appealing plans for your customers. It offers amazing features, well-equipped plans, and great performance. It comes with an array of features, essential for resellers. Not a great sign, and this isn’t the only case of lack of transparency. Otherwise, you have to pay extra to make them available to your clients. This makes it tricky to choose the right reseller hosting plan that fits your entrepreneurial ambitions.

  • With a great knowledge base, you don’t have to waste your time with live chats because, in most cases, you can get issues sorted out on your own.
  • The benefit is that you can easily add computing resources as you grow, such as more memory or RAM to your account when you need it.
  • Can I offer free web hosting service for my clients ?
  • The great thing about white label hosting is that it allows you to sell hosting services without worrying about the difficult stuff — like server maintenance and management.
  • With unlimited accounts, The Pro plan is best for businesses that have a high volume of clients that frequently update their sites, such as content marketers with multiple, industry-based sites.

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They can pay you online right into your account. Providing reseller hosting also helps you build better business relationships with your clients. 95, and the silver plan is $59. It will use encryption to secure the information shared between your server and clients. No matter how well equipped the plans are, you should be ready for a big increase in renewal pricing. When you choose HostGator for your reseller hosting, there are lots of perks such as unlimited POP3 email accounts with IMAP support, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited FTP accounts.


When you’re just starting out, you don’t want to face huge initial costs or be tied down with long contracts. The R3 plan costs $16. Cheap plans are not necessarily the best. 75 per month on a month-to-month basis. What plan has to be chosen to get Free Domain and Free WHMCS ? Your hosting company’s database will contain the personal details of your customers such as their names, addresses and credit card credential. Add-on Services: If you’re in North America, it is a decent service.

Estimate how many customers you think you’d be able to attract to your hosting business. Dedicated hosting, this is great way to save money because you don't have to purchase a domain name separately. It’s one of the most potent and flexible white label hosting providers out there. Can setup your own name servers and can provide the same to your clients.