Best Podcast Hosting For Savvy Podcasters

It was like an audio version of Twitter.

The pricing is for each podcast you have, so if you want to host more than one you’ll need an additional plan -- but it can all be housed under the same account. They give you location, device type, and even playback duration for each episode. Done with that? Click on the Link to Media hosted on Blubrry. Ships with a subscription feature. It’s pretty easy. There will be only a few other accounts on the same server (as opposed to thousands of other accounts with shared hosting), but a crash on one account doesn’t affect the others.

​If you're on a tight budget, then you can get started by using your media hosting's native player. Now picture this: With this in mind, I am taking podbean out of most of this discussion. Blurry is often compared with Libsyn but its distinguishing feature is its Wordpress plugin. Reverb, flanging, delays, echos, and other effects are not only fun to mess around with, but give your show a professional sound.

When it comes to monetization, you have the option of joining its RevEngine revenue sharing program, which shares 35% of the ad revenue from the advertising impressions generated by your listeners. They an introductory free plan and one of the cheapest paid plans available. Their lowest cost option is $12/month and offers 100MB of storage. There’s not a lot in terms of content you can do beyond that, it’s not designed to be a blog or large website with many pages. You can also invite a celebrity or an industry stalwart with a considerable following on your show. These three questions can be asked in common to all the guests you are interviewing.

Supports all MP3-based podcast feeds. Another excellent feature for PodBean users is a free YouTube version of their podcast auto-uploaded to their channel once they sync their YouTube channel during publishing. So let’s begin. And while running a podcast, you simply cannot afford your image taking a hit. Simplecast gives you all the information you need–without the extra cost. Audio storage ranges from 10 hours to unlimited.

The offers are diverse.

How Do I Choose from the Best Podcast Hosting Sites?

Blubrry provides advanced statistics for your podcast and other audio files. Some minor nitpicks include the fact that Buzzsprout converts your audio files, and that the free plan deletes your files after 90 days. Same as above, except you can upload unlimited amounts of audio. You need to be in either the Pro or Pro Unlimited plan to access it. Right from news to personal blogging (termed as audio-blogging), the podcast covers it all. Good creator tools to use. To start recording your first podcast episode, you’ll need an audio recording software.

Unlimited bandwidth and premium stats.

Is Podbean Right for Your Podcast Hosting?

You can publish your podcast any time in the future to podcast directories, independently of each other. I’ll suggest your best options to consider. Podcast hosting requires considerable server resources that ordinary best blog hosting doesn’t have. Sign in to iTunes Connect. As a result, Blubrry provide a basic WordPress site to everyone who hosts there.

Free plan – Best for brand new podcasters who just want to learn and don’t expect many (if any) to listen to their podcasts yet. They offer ad-free options for individuals with plans starting at $9. Libsyn vs Blubrry and Podbean vs Libsyn are included in the comparison chart. Bandzoogle review summary, if you’re researching the best web host, or simply shopping around for web hosting, you’re likely to see the term ‘shared web hosting’ quite a lot. Podbean provides a variety of themes to choose from.

Podcast Hosting Reviews: Simplecast vs. Libsyn

In contrast, Simplecast offers unlimited storage per show for starting at $15 per month. Now that you are ready with your podcast hosting, it’s time to select the right equipments for your podcast setup. It also offers API publishing.

Blubrry stands out among competitors because of how easy it is to set up a new show on the platform and because of the wide range of creative controls that creators have. Add a catchy title and description to your podcast. Their free basic plan is pretty limited, with just 5 hours of storage and a single session allowance of 15 minutes. The only thing that can be a bit daunting is the amount of information they do give you. The next page is where you can customize your player and it's where you'll get the code to add to your site. This one is fairly straightforward, so I won’t linger on it.

The other category is designed to serve established individuals with a large audience (over 10,000 plays per episode), or podcast networks, also with over 10,000 plays per episode.


Supports both video and audio podcasting. Audience by Simplecast, which is an audio analytics platform. These reviews take into account price, reliability, technical support, monthly upload volume, compliance, storage, monetization, ease of use, marketing features, integrations with apps, and more. Everything you need to know about the new tlds (top-level domains). Another way to measure when you need to upgrade is how many visitors and pageviews you serve every day, and how many people visit your website simultaneously.

Name your file and save it on your computer. Think of them as shop assistants that point you to the right aisle. Additionally, you can use Builder – a drag and drop website builder with themes unique to podcasters. Does the player offer multiple options; like recent episodes, multiple episodes (with playlist options), and new episodes? Lets you add up to 50 MB of audio monthly. Audience demographics. You are able to manage everything from your WordPress dashboard, which makes podcast publishing efficient and quick. WordPress Theme:

Sometimes it’s easier to purchase the service that you will grow into, rather than change at a later point.

I’d suggest using this format for your podcast editing: One standout feature is their Recast™ tool, which allows you to schedule and share clips of your podcast on social media. Create subscription pages with subscribe embed shortcodes or sidebar widgets optimized for mobile. They also offer collaborators to work together on your podcast at no additional cost, and they offer the best podcast web player on the market with all the basic and many advanced features you won’t get anywhere else. They offer other services for podcasters including Podcast Mirror, Subscribe on Android and the Blubrry podcast directory. You’ll have full access to every bit of resources it has, and you can use it almost however you want. Featured opportunities – Podbean features new podcasts in their search results to users they think would like them. Available exclusively for Blubrry hosting customers, the latest player has never looked better.

At the time of writing, Captivate is a pretty new service.

Setting Up Your Show

Indeed you need support from everyone to grow your podcast. When migrating an existing show to Libsyn be sure to contact support to help you move without using up your monthly megabyte allowance. The “seriously simple” part comes from them running the “Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin”. I actually enjoy podcasting as it is a great way to offer my audience another way they can consume my content and gives me the confidence to do audio recordings every week.


This certification was announced in December 2020 and gives podcasters, advertisers and business partners the ability to make informed decisions about advertising & monetization. The point is, that there is no one-size-fits-all. And it makes sense. What’s interesting is that you can pass your feed through Blubrry to get access to analytics at little to no additional cost too. CoolPodcastName.

Finally, Podlove Podcast Publisher includes a helpful template system that lets you easily customize how the plugin displays your podcasts. What’s surprising about Squarespace advertising on podcasts is that they never mention that the website platform—which this website is built on—does a good job hosting podcasts too. Omny started life as a podcast and music playing app and has now evolved into a full service radio and podcast hosting platform. Avoid speaking or interrupting someone.


Shared hosts have the right to shut down your site if you’re abusing the “unlimited” storage and bandwidth. SoundCloud or PodBean are great options. It’s as simple as one click, with the right provider. With standard web hosting companies, you’ll have two options:

Along with podcast hosting, LibSyn and Blubrry both provide podcast stats on your downloads, and they provide truly unlimited bandwidth. This includes hosting, SEO optimized directory listing, automatic subscriber updates, unlimited everything, easy iTunes integration, and Google Analytics integration. They’re a long-time cult favorite, and the developers have recently revamped their hosting platform, too. Book some time on my calendar here where I can give you 15 minutes of coaching for free in blogging, digital marketing, podcasting, Pinterest account management. After the upload is complete, you’ll be asked to decide on the: Your podcast will need shownotes for the information that was referenced in the show and links to external content. With this plan you get: Latest updates:

– If you need to migrate from another podcast host Blubrry offers the ability to easily migrate from another provider. 3 hours of audio per month. You also get insightful data on the listeners who are downloading the most and the least. Embed (player) ready to use on-site builders like WordPress and Squarespace, blogs like Medium and across social media platforms. There are a ton of monetization and growth features in the works so you know you’ll continue to get new features to help your podcast grow – sweet! The promo code is only valid for new users with a new show on Libsyn. When you’re ready to add your podcast to directories, you grab your URL and add it to any publisher you’d like. However, personal website servers don’t have the amount of storage needed for files that large.

I could easily pay for 3 different hosts but that is not a financially sound option.

Blubrry vs Podbean

And I like that they contribute 1% of their sales to onepercentfortheplanet. Blubrry founder, Todd Cochrane is a Hall of Fame Podcaster and is devoted to helping podcasters become more successful by owning their own RSS Feed. What is the Best Podcast Hosting? These tabs are, again, pretty self-explanatory. You can give exclusive content to your fans for the donations they make on Patreon. The cheapest plan thereafter – which includes indefinite hosting – is $12 per month. They can also help you with a free website and domain.

The best part is that you don’t need to shell out a massive budget to produce excellent quality podcasts.

Other Podcast Hosts and Tools

However, don’t let prices limit your show’s options. You need to spend some time thinking about the format of your show, where your listeners hang out, the kind of analytics you need, the average length of each episode, post-production as well as your budget. While most hosting platforms are simply the home for the podcast which sends episodes to the directories, PodBean offers a place where their podcasts are featured, categorized and presented for direct consumption. And their site definitely shows the simplicity, cutting out all frills, you can log in and create your own channel, claim ownership of it and start podcasting. Doing affiliate marketing through podcasts can also help you to generate money from your audience. This article is not sponsored by any of the hosts, does not include any affiliate links and is made with 100% honest review in mind. – Blubrry pricing offers 4 hosting plans ranging from $12 to $80 per month which is very affordable. “Everything done for you” services like these may seem like a good solution for a podcaster that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money.

Plans cost $12 to $24 per month with a limited free tier. It won’t take much to use up your server’s resources and make it fail completely. Podcasts can help you reach out to new audiences. If you’re on WordPress, this will be a favorite, due to its simplistic WP integration. Podcasters have specific needs and LibSyn and Blubrry media hosting both know those needs.

Anchor touts themselves as the easiest way to start a podcast.

What's the limitation of their free account? The only potential downside of Smart Podcast Player is that it uses SaaS-style monthly billing. While the plugin is still technically in beta, it seems to have good reviews thus far. Blubrry offers podcast media hosting and also offers WordPress website hosting. It will also need to be able to handle your audio software. Table of content:

$15 a month to add 250 MB of data monthly.


Their plan includes unlimited listener plays, no upload caps, industry-trusted listener analytics, a customizable website, embeddable audio players, and more. The same business model that Anchor has, applies to RedCircle too. Recommended articles:, and, the 'best of the rest' are all hosting platforms we've at least used in the past. You do all of this from within the blubrry interface.


So if Amazon isn’t using their own service for podcasts then that should tell you something. The thing with podcasting is that it’s still a bit of a wild west. When you publish a podcast episode, let’s say a 25 MB MP3, that “large” file (in website terms) will have high demand in the first three days. I paid for the service but never got upgraded to the paid version so I requested a refund.