FastComet Review (2020): Cheapest SSD Hosting You Can Find

This proactive monitoring is one of the most significant plus points of opting for FastComet. They are always fast and accurate in every single requirement. This hosting plan is embedded with unlimited bandwidth, SDD storage, free website and domain name, immediate account setup, prompt daily and weekly backups, full website performance optimization, CloudFlare CDN caching, web application exploit and malware protection and full time server monitoring. But it was fixed afterwards - so at least that's been solved. If you’ve seen a list of the top ten hosting options, there’s almost no way you haven’t seen the name FastComet come up. Usually, the hosts ask for your ID (I sent mine via email!) If all you’re looking for is high performance and simplicity for a WordPress site, Kinsta is a great alternative.

  • I don’t want to spoil too much, if you want a really short answer—yes, FastComet is a very good hosting option.
  • Again, I know that network engineers throw a lot of asterisks here and if you know *exactly* what type of website you are running – you can absolutely ask for detailed allocated specs.
  • When I started, I tried Bluehost services for a while but was not completely satisfied and thus decided to explore an alternative web hosting service beyond the well-known ones, of course, I was searching for the best value for my money.
  • For any new comer I highly recommend Fastcomet hosting.

FastComet Uptime: Looking at the live response and uptime trackers, we see a great 99. 95 a month and has three more options culminating in a $139. SiteGround vs FastComet: This implies that the web hosting plans for Joomla and WordPress, for example, are not very different.

Additionally, FastComet’s tests varied wildly. FastComet also offers free snapshot backups on request. The company provides shared hosting-Linux with cPanel and cloud VPS plans and dedicated servers. This makes it seem like FastComet has the most add-ons and the lowest price, while only the former is true. Why you need only one hosting for all yours domains. The SSL certificates are quick to install, and in addition to protecting your website, you’ll get benefits like: DB queries execution time: CDN Caching Cloudfare is yet another cache technique which is not at the central part of the host but distributed across all the data centers for optimum use.

  • That means you can try out their service, or even spin up a test site like we did, and have over a month to vet them.
  • If your website will receive only up to 50 visitors at a time, Fastcomet is as fast as SiteGround.
  • 95/mo and you can upgrade up to SpeedUp plan for $9.


USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing I love Fastcomet and the entire fastcomet tech support! There are a lot of FastComet hosting reviews online – usually with user-generated reviews based on anecdotes and personal experience. Especially when the data in question is displayed on the internet for the world to see and use. #2: hostgator, similarly to other hosting providers, Site5 offers free Cloudflare CDN, 24/7 live chat, and site transfer(s). First, they offer free daily backups. With this one, your website can welcome 50,000 unique visitors.

  • It means that FastComet is confident in the service they provide.
  • One of the leading cloud-based web hosting service providers on the market.

FastComet Vs A2 Hosting: Pricing

The farther the visitor is physically located from your main server, the lower the website loading speed will be. We tested this user interface and it seems to offer more feature and ease of use is better compared to cPanel. But in reality, the data is processed in about 250% faster in the case of premium SSD drives at the data centers. These include domain registration. Fast and professional support AVG. It’s all very simple – you can contact them via e-mail (ticketing), live chat, and phone. This is the first host which has asked us to take a selfie! I could make a huge list of pros for FastComet, but a few really stand out compared to other similar hosts:

I found what I was looking for! Keep your website safe with FastComet’s potent security suite. Also, read FastComet hosting reviews by genuine users submitted below. Image hosting service - need a different solution? If you really just want to have a clean and easy-to-use online storefront, one of the dedicated e-commerce builders makes the most sense, but if it's more of an ancillary service or simply nice to have, you can go with the builder that feels the best and sign up for its e-commerce option. 95 monthly price, when divided in 12 months.

Moreover, I would like to say that upgrading and downgrading your plans are very easy. On top of all that, it also offers its users to have a 45-day money return guarantee on dissatisfaction. FastComet may not be in the news, but it’s definitely a good one in my list of the best web hosting providers.

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Now, tell me what do you think about FastComet in comments below? FastComet ‘s payment information is transparent. The application support and availability is just icing already on a very sweet cake. FastComet uses a drag-and-drop HTML website builder. To achieve that, it is vital that you partner with a great web hosting provider.

Shame we can't show you the times but we started worrying about 15-20 minutes into Emma's "Just a moment" message. Their team monitors for the most common web hosting issues 24/7 to help prevent 99% of the problems that could lead to an interruption of service to your website. USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing I have to say that FastComet is the best I've ever hosted with in over a decade of managing my own websites.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc.)

Key Features

The smallest plan grants only one migration, while the other two up to three sites. The policy of FastComet, which majority of other web hosting service providers ignore, includes not allowing websites that contain scam, child porn and spam content to be hosted on their servers. Online chat is the fastest option as a specialist will reply to you in less than 10 minutes. A guarantee of 99.

Chicago, US North Fastcomet Reviews on Open Source Web Hosting Service Fastcomet is famous for its open source web hosting service provider and they have invested a lot in the research and providing the specific hosting optimised environment for your script. Shared wordpress hosting, pixpa is unique in that it’s designed especially for professional photographers who have – or want to grow – a sustainable online business. There’s also a web app firewall optimized for connecting through the apps and account isolation. You need to be up and running at times to make your presence felt among your customers, and for this purpose, your host should be able to provide the maximum uptime. The ticket system is the best option rather than live chat and phone support for complicated issues. The specialty about SSD drives is, they help in improvising the website speed by more than 250% which is absolutely amazing. And you can tell with how they’ve planned out their hosting extras. In the US, FastComet has servers in Chicago, IL, and Dallas, TX, which gives FastComet a presence in the north and center of the country. The single website plan is the small plan and offers the ability to only host one website, have a free domain for life, unlimited traffic and 35 GB of SSD space.

Web Hosting Types

Fastcomet is so confident of its services that they can guarantee customers’ reliability, fast and professional technical support, high level website and database security and a 45-days money back policy if the provided service is not up to the customers’ expectation. All plans come with a free one, and you can also buy more costly certificates as well — though it isn’t entirely clear why the $70 personal SSL is any better, considering they all have the same features. FastComet promises very good account isolation and dedicated resources for each site. The customer care team also helps one transfer the website from an old host to FastComet without making any payment. But for that, one needs to learn the way shared web hosting functions.

They provide free application, module/plugin setup and installation, provide free themes and automatic upgrades.

Nonetheless, it is true that FastComet is pretty cheap, and I think their three tiers are healthily spaced apart—the options don’t leave customers stranded between extremes, and features are accordingly well distributed. FastComet provides hosting services for small businesses and individuals. Summary: there are plenty of good alternatives to dropbox out . That’s the standard bit and it is outlined very clearly. USER RATING OUTSTANDING Features Support Performance Pricing Fast comet is really fast, the fastest ever that run above Apache web server, but not as fast as if your hosting using lite speed, i mean lite speed web server is truly fast.

This price is quite low as compared to the other competitors in the market, which gives Fastcomet the required edge.

Their default memory allocations were fine. They were extremely prompt and helpful and most reviews have shown that the company has really lived up to its promise of stellar customer support service. The biggest advantage of FastComet is using exclusively SSD drives on their servers.