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Like any other modern layouts, Jevelin is, of course, mobile-friendly, compatible with modern browsers, in tune with retina screens, speed optimized and SEO-ready.

You can even create a forum page to form a community of loyal fans who love to discuss and share opinions and updates. You can create various responsive drop-down menus and customize them all you want. A clan or guild website has special needs so website owners need to find guild or clan web hosting providers that can cater to their needs. Unlimited games, fixtures, players and sliders, sponsors section, forum ready, the list of assets could go on forever. Moreover, PowerUp makes you feel comfortable building your page due to the full access to the documentation and team of experts.

I love their user interface, their website really doesn’t do the guild sites justice. Kappa has a design and style that will make your website stand out as a gaming resource. We'll also give five hundred top-secret, completely inconsequential bonus points to anyone that has an awesome idea for a guild name in the comments! The game industry moves quickly, and hosts will have to constantly update their offerings as the industry changes with new games, new game genres, new systems, and new players. Nearly a year in the making, the module boosts a proven track record of success. The same reason anyone else wants a website:

You also get Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7, over forty custom-made shortcodes and mega menu.

Ensure players and guilds are who they claim to be. Gaming is clearly a social phenomenon, both online and offline. This feature ensures that no matter where a reader is on the page, there is always a sidebar on display, showing links to the other articles on your site. The primary function of this kind of hosting will be as a game server, with the website functioning as a front end to advertise a gaming group and the game server itself. This is 100% automatically. A clan website is a must for a group of serious gamers. I will continue to updated these rankings in the future and as these providers add and remove features, change rate plans and update technology I’ll be there to review them and let you know how they stand up to each other. Gamescripts comes with a custom contact form for customer interactions, threaded comments, customizable logo and custom drop down menus as well.

This ensures that the graphic and visual demands of your clan website are easily met. Thanks to the Bootstrap 4 Framework, Gilbard is 100% responsive, instantly readjusting its layout to mobile, tablet and desktop devices. And even this is just working with just two clicks. The reason why is most likely that Astra is compatible with almost every popular plugin available, including all forum & calendar plugins etc. The forum might also show a player’s character in a profile or the number of kills they’ve made. Access to join thousands of other gaming communities. The scope of web hosting services varies greatly.

This is a perfect option for all the fans of this game, who wish to run and manage their own servers.

Content management systems Edit

While gamers tend to be surprisingly technical, hosting providers can’t assume that their customers all know HTML and CSS. There are countless add-ons for the free bbPress plugin, making it a powerful and extendable tool for creating your own online community. If you need epic, then you need Eldritch. BBOOTS is based on Bootstrap Framework for full functionality. It's time to throw off the shackles of your oppressive guild leader and strike a new claim in your own name, rallying other players to your side! Having said that, this gaming HTML website template works best for those who are in love with fantastic animations and kinks.

If you don't use Guild Launch and use another service, why did you choose the other service? Just browse the selection and pick the theme, which comes up to the clan/guild website you are working on. Persistent volumes, but if you’re not part of a huge company, don’t despair — this host’s scalable public cloud service is affordable enough. Top businesses could be considered ace players as well, and a great website lays down the foundation. In your downloaded file, you will find more than 70 HTML pages, plenty custom components to be able to spice things up. The controls that are available for each piece of content you publish make it easy to apply different layouts to your articles. Trends like gamification will only add to the dizzying mix of options to appeal to gamers. If you have problems with your clan website, or need assistance with the creation or administration, our support is available online and over the phone around the clock.

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With it, you're able to link the authentication options for almost all of the content management systems stated above and then some. The company may use the computer as a website host to provide details of their goods and services and facilities for online orders. Strider is also responsive, cross-browser compatible, includes a functional contact form and sports some really cool animations. Created as a joke, Retro is a free WordPress gaming theme that emulates that 90s Geocities feel to give your viewers a sense of nostalgia. Maintenance for the week of March 23: If you want to monetize your gaming website and start generating an income online, PixieHuge has space for displaying sponsor promotions and adverts. Start a gaming blog with Blogxer.

In general, this looks slightly outdated. Related resources, i literally have zero training in Unix or web servers, yet thanks to your support I've been successfully running a dedicated web server like a pro (I think)! Gauge is not lacking in terms of customization features as it also comes with a large set of customization options as well as integration with Visual Composer. WordPress is one of the best software to choose. Front end posting for users, Portfolio tools and Social media login.

This is why a lot of gamers are looking for ways to find guild or clan web hosting. It includes all the necessary elements for the best user experience. The service targets both newbies and web design pros, offering a variety of options for all categories of users. This is a fantastic website!

It’s SEO friendly, translation ready, lightweight and compatible with all page builders.

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The template adapts smoothly to all screen sizes and is compatible with all the browsers. Signed up for Patreon, thanks for keeping this free. Enjin offers pretty balanced worldwide performance - but truth be told, the response times are simply not ideal. Work with us, and should you have any questions regarding the building process - there is 24/7 technical support available. Score a home run with your clients by affiliating with Gilbard. To help you customize almost all aspects of this theme and your website, you will find the premium Visual Composer plugin included in the package. I also run into recurring bugs from time to time, like having to refresh an image after uploading in order to post a comment, or random comments from other users appearing on a brand new upload to my personal gallery.

If you plan to start a gaming website for personal use, then both uCoz and Enjin might be reasonable solutions. Fastwebhost advantage, sites get more secure and stable. To add more to it, the navigation is swipe ready, you can amaze the guests with astonishing slideshow using Revolution Slider and enjoy the power of Mega Menu. I work full-time as a PHP Developer but also work heavily on front-end aspects of many projects.

The most popular games are social, take for example World Of Warcraft, Dota, League of Legends, they are all multiplayer games. Choose your plan with oracleapexservices, velocity’s Oracle EBS Hosting Service provides clients with both the hardware and infrastructure necessary to ensure a stable, scalable, and secure environment for optimal performance of your Oracle E-Business Suite Modules. The good news is that there are lots of good theme developers out there, such as ElegantThemes, Astra, and us! Something a little different this time, but still a perfect addition to our best gaming HTML website templates.

The recruitment process in World of Warcraft can at times be one of the most testing aspects of the game.


So my tiny guild is trying to grow and we want a hosted website. Your presence on the web will surely be an enticing one with Bravapp. Best vps hosting service: a2 hosting, whichever provider you decide on, let us know how you get on. The data can then be used to display a list of members in your guild or community and can be extended to various other places in your website where only your imagination sets the limit. We are happy to announce that Tamriel Foundry will have a public guild on the North America - PC/Mac megaserver of ESO which all TF members are invited to join. For those users who are unfamiliar with website builders - Enjin may not be for you.

This SEO optimized theme is perfect to start your journey in the gaming industry. Create both Guild AND Player listings! That means faster loading times for all your visitors!

Fortunado - Gamer ResponsiveWPML ready WordPress Theme

This is working great for what I need. Building a gaming website for free is totally possible. The first demo has been created to help you build a general-purpose gaming website while the other option is focused on launching sites to promote a specific game. Specify who can view, manage, approve or reject applications. If you decide to create a clan website with IONOS, we will provide you with all of the necessary tools to accomplish the task quickly and with minimal effort. What about search engine optimization (seo)?, and in contrast to most other site builders, Jimdo also lets you use the online store – up to 5 articles for free. Whatever there is you would like to put together, you can certainly do it with PowerUp.

Second, you can tweak Escapium and use it for almost any type of an event based website. Building a forum like none out there. Really cheap Ventrillo The bad: Get started today with a Free Guild site and then upgrade at any time. The user typically does not own the server.

Enjin API – This is a tool, which allows creating your own modules.

Even if you don't want all the hassle that comes with being a leader of loot-hounds in an MMO guild or of ego-maniacs in a shooter clan, you want that sweet, sweet prestige and sense of superiority that comes from being the man or woman in charge. Other hosting services, like Enjin, provide tools for more complete social networking features. Using this striking website template will get your site noticed in the ever-crowded online world where you want to be unique and stylish. Creativeily is a great multi-purpose theme, it can be used for most types of websites, gaming is one of them. But how do their plans compare? Escapium also has a blog section, a contact page and, of course, a booking page with a form.


You can use these to easily create a user experience that would suit a gaming crowd perfectly. What you will get here is a variety of high quality templates, rich design customization tools, website code editing options (for those users, who possess HTML skills), individual doman connection and other features. While this arrangement will result in some changes to the website, what it ensures will not change is that our wonderful community can continue to grow and have a fantastic experience with Tamriel Foundry as their home for ESO outside of the game. Sorry, I know this is an annoying question, but what's the catch? Gameleon is a fully-responsive multipurpose gaming, magazine-style theme.

Want a chat box? The large rigid pixel blocks, the low bit pixel text design and the bright colour design, it has it all. No html or css coding knowledge required, simple controls, color pickers and sliders.

All you need to do is work-work! Is there any service that offers any or all of these options (Specifically ones that work with Classic)? World of Warcraft is a prime example with its rich PVE encounters which are heavy on commitment and time requirements. The default demo of CrystalSkull looks great. As well as the stylish design, PixieHuge makes it very easy to manage your content. As the package includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin at no extra cost, anyone, regardless of their technical skills can edit the demo content or create their own unique page designs through a drag-and-drop interface. Specified sections that can be arranged by simply dragging and dropping.

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Content Management Systems

You can connect up to 20 modules, a forum, an opportunity to get donations, full integration with social services and even an online store. – You can set up Mumble or TeamSpeak 3 communication yourself. If you want to start an online community for your website, a favorite game, or some other shared interest, CrystalSkull is more than capable. Pcdj dex 3, 59 am, edited 69 times in total. You can also use the ecommerce support of this theme to sell merchandise online. It updates and brings together the Dkp/game managment facilites of EQdkp, and integrates them with phpBB3's facilites. There isn’t a page builder included with this theme, instead, you can install your own choice of visual editor plugin and use your preferred customization tools to personalize your site.

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In most cases, the colocation provider may provide little to no support directly for their client's machine, providing only the electrical, Internet access, and storage facilities for the server. In addition to a home for discussion, we'll have a series of hugely informative guides to help you get off to a fast start with your trade skills in ESO. GameCenter is a free WordPress Gaming theme with gaming websites in mind.