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They do a really good job at marketing to the very beginning musician. In our top 20 list, 80% websites are created on Wix Music. The best to start out would be BlueHost however if you’re willing to spend a bit more you could go with SiteGround or DreamHost. However, if you need to cope with the creation of music yourself, then creating an excellent website that will become the face of your brand or group can be complied with one of the musician website builders. Users can create posts, add pages and organise content.

  • They are one of the easiest site builders to use, thanks to its structured approach to website design.
  • The fees and functionalities of music sharing internet sites can easily vary across brand names and also registration amounts.
  • GoDaddy reserves the right to cancel, suspend or modify part of this entire Offer at any time without notice, for any reason in their sole discretion.
  • They have a ton of articles and tutorials about WordPress on their website.
  • It features an impressive homepage layout to capture audience attention with your audio and video content prominently displayed.

One of Wix's key features is the plug-in feature, which allows users to connect platforms such as Bandsintown and Songkick directly to your Wix account. Such capabilities will enable you to easily multiply your fans since they will always know at the back of your mind that your website is not only ultra-responsive but also fully accessible by any device. A website makes an artist look like a professional among their audience. How is Wix Music for Musicians? A great advantage of BlueHost is that they offer a lot of flexibility in upgrading your hosting plan should your hosting needs change. There are plenty of online building services available for quickly creating a functional website, but not all are geared up for the specific needs of music makers. We know (and use) several hosts that offer solutions perfectly in tune with the needs of performers.

It also includes One-click installation tool for installing WordPress quickly. They started up in 2020 but they do not offer a lot of other options for hosting, just Shared and WordPress. Beyond that, prices range from $9. It’s ok to make mistakes during the writing and recording process, but when it comes to showcasing online you need to make sure your musicianship is on point every time. These three platforms all involve similar steps. The paid plan is overall a good deal, but some people may want more options: BoldGrid is perfect for beginners, who have lack or no programming knowledge, but want to create a website themselves.

The only problem is, it’s hella hard to build a website on Wordpress. Those are just one of the reasons. Getting your own website used to require a lot of tech wizardry, including knowledge of servers, HTML, FTP, site registrars, and web hosting services. By far the worst company I ever dealt with in any business. Another set of plugins that you may want to check out for your band’s website are plugins for managing band photos, which can be a good way of building up a certain image of your band and market your upcoming concerts or performances.

However they do not have an uptime promise for the basic plan, that starts with the top tier plan.

Mobile Site Design

Of course, you are always welcome to request the help of our support team - they are 24/7 available. Furthermore, you can create a fan page on your site in a couple of seconds to let your admirers share their emotions. Audios – here can be a streaming player, with a possibility to buy or download songs immediately.


The massive music library Spotify has created makes it such an attractive option for fans, especially for those with a premium account as it’s easy for them to stream music offline. Picking a Domain (Even if the hosting plan you want to go with includes the domain, you should read Step 2 to get a better understanding of domain names and how to pick one). Dudamobile and dudaone, weebly is an easy website builder software with tons of great designs. It’s not about musicians. Let’s compare with other musician website speed. But when it didn't, they wouldn't fix it or even look into the problem. You also want to find a host that guarantees an uptime of at least 99. Their three business discussed hosting strategies (Launch, Electrical Power and also Pro) offer complimentary SSD drives, a free domain consisted of, totally free records back-ups, 1-click installer as well as access to over 310 applications, SSH Accessibility, 90-day money-back warranty, as well as a lot more components that can be appropriate for any kind of WordPress powered website.


Now’s a great time to push your back catalog via a bundle sale! Its core functionality is very standard (allows to publish articles, upload images, create custom layouts easily), it is not specially created for musicians, rather for bloggers and small business websites. With the hosts listed below, you can get a modern, funky website in less time than it takes to write a song.

You will witness no such thing if you use LiquidWeb. I signed up for a new plan with them a week before they offered this discount, but since I was in 30 days of signing up, they were able to refund me the difference. All you have to do is visualize and create exactly what you want. Price is on the higher side, though pretty normal for mainstream website builders. Which plan should you choose? The website builder is included into the HostGator package, which means that all the websites created with it are hosted on the system servers by default. Creatives also get to enjoy more personalized services, such as choosing a display theme to match their music and its brand, fixing a price on tracks, and allowing fans to download songs for free.

It’s aimed at helping them get an attractive site online quickly and with minimal fuss.

Hostgator, on the other hand, I have never used before.

Comparison Reviews by Industry Experts

You can share your music with the world without any slow loading speeds. It amplifies your online presence. For all the rest, A Small Orange offers shared hosting for musicians with plenty premium features. Bandcamp enjoys most of its exposure from independent musicians, but it’s gradually becoming a platform where both artists and fans from a particular niche can get some meaningful coverage. Oxium is a beautiful WordPress theme for musicians.

Weebly Review:

Many musicians turned to me with a question of how to create music sites without breaking the bank. NightClubbing is a WordPress theme with beautiful graphics built for musicians, night clubs and music sites in general. To keep it simple, if you’re just starting out, then Shared Hosting is all that you need. This takes a little bit more time to set up (although it’s not much more difficult) and costs slightly more than the average premium theme, but it’s fully customizable to make the exact website you want. It lets you create small and mid-sized web stores to boost online sales of your music-related products.

Yes, there is a lot of assistants in this field. Nowadays, updating a website and all its content is easy. Who is the best digital distribution company? But there are so many different hosting platforms out there, how do you know which is the best hosting for musicians? They are design-focused so all of their templates look sleek and fresh. 9% uptime guarantee for all their shared plans. Hostbaby is a hosted content management solution for musicians and authors.

We know you have better knowledge than us but picking the best web host is completely a different chapter. Transmit your podcast or radio station world wide in minutes! To do that, however, it sacrifices flexibility and usability, and anyone serious about customisation will need to learn basic CSS. Websites are a perfect way to share your song samples, video teasers, and photos with a growing fanbase.

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Wix is, by far, the largest website builder on the market. Moreover, this is an excellent platform to get the hang of online music business and music websites in general. These are examples of website builders that have their own hosting and allow you to use features to build a website. This means better stability, performance, scalability and availability. They all offer free platforms, with some adding extra features and expanded storage as part of paid subscriptions. Their littlest throwing plan costs simply $2. Some of the types covered include classical, Hip-hop, Rock, Jazz, blues, country, pop among many others. All this data is supposed to be edited with original information.

Hostbaby Review:

One of the best ways to market your music is through email listing. These sites will generate a microsite for the artists, but you’re typically limited to one page and template. There are couple of web hosting providers specialized in providing tools for making musician websites. 000 visits per month respectively. My email has NEVER gone down. From picking a template to creating pages and adding media right through to going live.

No one expects you to be checking in from your world tour every three days. What pages should you add? They are very strong in hosting WordPress websites. It’s also easy to add photos, edit text, and change parts of a site’s design. So he was able to build a stunning website even though he doesn’t know anything about web design. There is always some possibility that can go wrong. A decade-old indie music DVD taught me the importance of having your own website I suppose I should say “reminded me of” the importance of having your own website, because it’s something we’ve been championing for years! Their drag and drop website builder tools, WordPress pre-installation and a variety of free themes makes website building a simple endeavor.

After all, let’s not forget how many huge artists have been discovered online – 5 Seconds of Summer, Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Beiber, to name a few.

Third-party logos and marks are registered trademarks of their respective owners. However, what they excel at are an outstanding support and premium services. Weebly is perfect for musicians that want to empower their brand by selling online. They used SiteGround’s WordPress hosting (NOT WordPress. )

10% is paid if you run a website on your own and 15% is charged if you want a dedicated person from a company to run your website.


It has built in audio and video libraries which allow you to showcase your work anywhere on your website. We’re in 2020 now. When I tried HostBaby for a friend, I was surprised to find that it’s actually pretty powerful and could save non-technical users some time, but it’s not all good news. A free domain for your website. Plus, they are super affordable and provide good plan options. However, if you’re a burgeoning musician, the perspective of paying several thousand dollars for one of the best music websites with a custom design is also not the one to be fond of. A Small Orange offers 90-day money back and 99. The company offers drag-and-drop site builder, with lots in-built functionality and customization options.

Got questions? Although we are not saying they will all do, we also aren’t saying that they will not. And it will take you very little time, too. If you do decide to take this route then I can suggest you take a look at Bluehost. There are some great features ReverbNation offers, like Crowd Review (built by the AudioKite guys) and some of their opportunities that you can submit to are solid.

I was checking out an old-ish (mid-to-late 2020s) DVD that an indie artist had put together himself, and it featured a bunch of groups and solo performers from his label, showcasing their music and giving each of them some camera time to describe who they were, where they were from, what their music was about, etc. But it is still quite affordable and the features you get with that price makes it worth taking a closer look at. Also, there is a 30-day free trial – which is more than enough to understand whether you wanna use it.

For this cost, musicians receive a number of tools not only for creating a good website design, but also progressive SEO assistants to promote their musical activity.

IndieMade: A Builder Targeted At Artists

Integrated eCommerce module makes it possible to set up and then effectively manage a web store to sell your products (albums, videos/audios, accessories, items and souvenirs for fans). Just, FYI, all website builders are mobile friendly and/or responsive. This is a universal builder with whom you can create a website of any orientation, including a delightful website for musicians. Case in point, when we built our test site on ReverbNation for this review, we logged in via Facebook. Squarespace also offers unique features just for musicians.

Wix Review

Kontol comes with an event management system and custom widget to display events on homepage. This is one of the best band website builders according to the thousands of reviews left among musicians who achieved their goal with Music Glue and continue to build their musical future. Once you’ve done a few sites, you’ll realize how much you need this. If you choose one of the above mentioned hosting companies, the installation of WordPress to your site will be easy. You can learn how to build a website just like professionals in just 1 hour. This will, in turn, maximize your chances of pulling in new fans and thus creating a much bigger audience for your music. It comes in 5 color styles and easy setup and customization options. It might sound counterintuitive to give your music away for free to anyone who provides an email address and their zip code, but it worked for NoiseTrade Founder Derek Webb:

Makes Your Site Mobile Compatible.

29 a month if paid for a year or $9. Not only that your website will be under surveillance by most experienced and support technicians all day around. Convenient payment system (for the sale of merchandise or tickets). Obsidian is a modern and stylish WordPress theme for bands and musicians. Make a Spotify playlist – If you’ve got a holiday song, create a playlist featuring your track, followed by some of your other favorite Christmas-time music. This screams "not serious! "After you start gaining more and more traffic to your page, you can easily upgrade to a more advanced hosting option. Since you can have unlimited websites hosted with the GrowBig plan, it ends up making a lot more sense.