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Most wakes take place after the funeral service, so go suitably dressed for the funeral. Both can be as long or short as required and focus on being a tribute and celebration of the life of the person departed. Write a eulogy; consider family or close friends to read, as well. What were the individual’s religious or spiritual beliefs? I have been to a funeral where several speakers pretty much recalled the same stories, with no time limit to the length of their speech. If you appreciate what we do here on tecmint, you should consider:. Names and relationships of the surviving family members of the deceased. A celebration of life is an event focused on sharing stories of the deceased and commemorating the joys he or she brought into the lives of others.

Put in pins for each city or town he or she visited. When inviting guests, provide information about the food – whether it is pot luck, someone is providing the food, it is being catered, etc. If costs aren’t an issue, you may be able to ease your own workload and stress by hiring caterers. On the day of, having a planner who can handle a seamless flow of the event can allow you to be present to your emotions and those of others. Cremation uses heat to reduce the body to ashes, which may be scattered or placed in an urn for keeping or burial. Another option is to have it catered. Give your your families and funeral guests a chance to revisit their memories with the loved one and heal in the comfort of their own home.

A memorial service can be held in a church, the funeral home or a community hall, or somewhere of importance to the deceased and family. If at the last minute that person cannot come, someone else will know that those items need to be handled. Will others be sharing their memories of the loved one? We specialize in: His last name and number were on the scoreboard. The location of the post-funeral reception should be based on the number of people and the accessibility of venues in the area. Another option is to perform a favorite song by a soloist.

Again, this celebration of life idea is about ensuring that your loved one is part of your special day. Reserving a plot for your loved one to be buried in is an obvious must; however, there are many not so obvious tasks that lead up to and surround the obvious decisions. In any event, make sure that there is a good microphone with speakers at an appropriate volume set up. You can employ the services of someone experienced in hosting such as event, and these days there are a growing number of Celebrants. Spiritual touches can be added by family members lighting a candle in memory of their beloved. Then, use a safety pin to attach a photo of the loved one to the flower. Is the family, or the weather, calling for an outdoor celebration of life?

It’s a great way to go green and keep the loved one’s memory alive. The memorial service is simply your first step on your journey to healing. Many subsequent decisions will be determined by the budget. ” A simple, yet meaningful, celebration of life idea for book lovers everywhere. She went on to attend the University of Florida, where she graduated in 2020 with a BA in English Literature and a minor in Education. The result was a beautiful presentation that lovingly portrayed the life of their loved one. A memorial service is held without the body present. On the stepping stones, inscribe special dates, or quotes, that remind you of your loved one.

Have some small cards and pens available for people to write about their memories of the person.

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If you decide to host such a memorial service, the first step is determining timing. There are a few things to consider when planning ang hosting a repast. Each photograph could be numbered, and correspond to a numbered pin.

And, it’s a beautiful way to get the family bonding together even after the service is over. Create your own virtual online butterfly garden with gorgeous landscapes that change with the seasons. Create a memorial stone jar where each of your guests write a special memory or something that they loved about your loved one on a rock when they enter the service and place it in the jar. Memorial services are sometimes more uplifting and less somber. It does not need to be at a funeral home, and you do not need to hold the service immediately after the death has occurred.

This can be over the place where they are buried (if on private property or if the cemetery allows it). Include name of scheduled speaker. It’s difficult to estimate how much a memorial service will cost, as each service is different. Not to recognize an event of such magnitude can leave us vulnerable to the effects of un-channeled grief, can confuse children about how to handle death, and can postpone the beginning of closure that allows us to move forward.

  • If a memory pillow doesn’t spark their interest, why not suggest making a memory quilt, instead?
  • There is no formal expectation on what one should bring to a wake.
  • The use of photo-editing and video-editing software or PowerPoint presentations can all be useful tools to help you put together something that brings media into a memorial service.
  • One family we know of faced the sudden death of their husband and father.

What is a Funeral?

Another strategy is to have a public funeral but a private wake and funeral reception. What’s better than s’mores in the summertime… or really anytime? A personal memorial service will encourage friends and family to commemorate and celebrate; helping mark this special life and all that it represented in a way that will help us heal.

Whether burial or cremation is chosen, there are important reasons for planning a remembrance. The memory becomes a treasure. Will there be a full meal or just snacks?

The funeral home handles everything to cremate the deceased, but then returns the cremated remains to the family.

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These can be set up on decorative boards that can be purchased at the craft store. Scattering the ashes is becoming a more popular option. It’s a well known fact that you never forget a smell. One of the most important parts of planning a home memorial is asking for help. This also means that the most important tip for hosting a funeral reception is to lean into this inevitability.

Here are a few angles you can take on this idea. Choose a date when the most important people in the person's life will be able to attend. Set up a station with small stones and permanent markers. To receive word when registration opens, contact the national team. A wide variety of vendors offer urns or cremation vessels to scatter ashes from; see Cremation and Burial Products in Local Resources for some lovely options. You may want to use a cardboard container, which is easy to custom decorate.

Offer a prayer or kind word for those in attendance, acknowledging their grief and expressing your gratitude. It can also work well to have one designated person to provide a quick introduction between each speaker. Take into account the following considerations to plan the perfect catering package: The theme helped honor and remember the departed in a very personal way. Tap into their skills for the things you need at the event (one person can make a playlist of the deceased’s favorite music, another can put together a photo slideshow, someone else can coordinate all the food being brought, still another might have a great backyard to host the event).

How To Plan A Celebration Of Life

More frequently, you will see the notation “in lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations be made to…” If you wish to make a donation to the family’s charity of choice in memory of their loved one: The funeral industry today has evolved to such a scale as to make the whole ‘service’ aspect of a funeral, largely an aspect that is in their domain. This information helped me tremendously. Callers may also gather at a nearby restaurant after the service.

If you’ve chosen a religious service and venue, the priest, pastor or other clergy can help organize the flow of your service, including music, readings and other details.

I found about 50 shots of my father-in-law on my computer after he died, and I was sent more by the guests coming to the funeral. Here are some simple enough memorial craft ideas for you to get started: If your loved one has selected a poem or scripture, use that in conjunction with a corresponding introduction and closing.

On-line invitations such as e-vite are an option. This will give you time to confront your loss and put together an event when you are better able to focus your energies and attention. Neighbors and other nearby family and friends will likely be able to bring over extra chairs if needed. You can then take them home and read them with your family, scatter them in places that were meaningful to the deceased, or display them in your flower garden. A genuine need for support from one another during a difficult time, and reminders that life will continue are also reasons for gathering. Post-Burial, Post-Cremation or Just Plain Later?

How you want to memorialize your loved one is your choice, and you should never be coerced into thinking that you have made the wrong choice.


You may choose to provide simple or more elaborate refreshments. You may choose to make arrangements immediately, though it is also acceptable to wait several weeks or even months. These times are often the highlights of the service, treasured for unveiling little-known nuggets of touching generosity or laugh-out-loud humor, and allowing those who best grieve publicly to have an opportunity to express their thoughts and memories. You can hire a caterer to supply a meal or appetizers for the event, or ask guests to bring a dish or drink for a pot luck. Photos of the deceased. Those who are connected to family or friends of the deceased are encouraged to ask about any memorial services that may be scheduled for the public to say goodbye to the deceased.

That means the days of cookie-cutter or traditional funerals are becoming a distant memory.

This is another real world example about Jack, a 4-year-old boy, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Use that sweet sound of the breeze to help your families remember. Keepsakes - Funeral keepsakes are gifts or momentos distributed at memorial services or celebrations of life that help mourners remember their loved ones after the service is over.

Another option is to hand out personalized wristbands.

  • Getting feedback is a great way to truly make this an online service that everyone can enjoy.
  • A lengthy reading is not required.
  • Create your own DIY floral arrangements in the shape of your loved one’s name.
  • Amazon has a variety of inexpensive fragrance oils to choose from for the memory table.

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This will be a truly memorable event for all who attend. You can also hide scrolls tied with a pretty ribbon. However, many families today hire a non-denominational celebrant to oversee the memorial service.

  • It can be a very tasteful addition to the mood.
  • Line up one or two greeters.
  • Create a Cake profile for free to discover, document, and share your end-of-life wishes.
  • Create a simple bracelet or necklace out of your loved one’s wedding band.

Simple And Easy Personalization Ideas That Can Be Done In Minutes.

Representatives from the National Day of Remembrance planning team will provide help with all of these tasks along the way, including sample bulletin announcements, emails and flyers; leadership conference calls; and any one-on-one assistance you may need. Select songs, hymns, and other pieces of music that were enjoyed by the deceased, or that hold special significance. The family does not necessarily need to hear their beloved "is in a better place. "If there will be kids present that like writing, have them put together a poem or short story and recite it during the loved one’s eulogy. In lieu of flowers, Geyer’s family is requesting that donations be made to the North Mason High School baseball program. My brother-in-law was a hockey fan and player all his life. One option that some families prefer is to host an outdoor service. They may be as simple as potted plants used in the ceremony, or a photo of the deceased attached to their favorite quote, or the program from the memorial.

What you include in the celebration of life service is completely up to you, unless your loved one had specific instructions before he or she died. You’ll need to provide an outfit for your loved one to be laid to rest in and any specific grooming details (hair styling, lip color, painted nails, etc). The funeral director or family will usually say if they’d like to wear mourners wear a particular colour, or dress less formally – if in doubt, keep it smart and sombre. Turn your loved one’s ashes into fireworks and then set them off on his birthday, a special occasion or holiday. Book yours today!

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After many requests, I have produced a downloadable guide for Planning A Memorial Service, in an easy-to-read format with room to make your own notes. For one ceremony, we booked a New Orleans funeral jazz band – they played brilliant, slow, soulful, atmospheric songs outside the church as the guests arrived, then came to the wake an hour later to play more upbeat brassy classics in the garden while everyone got as drunk as was humanly possible. Who will provide the refreshments, if you choose to have any? Once you’ve found the right crowdfunding software, you’ll want to design a compelling page. Include who will be involved with each part and ask each family member how they wish to be involved.

On special occasions, use the china and silverware that you inherited from your loved one. If your family’s loved one has something they collected in large number but offers sentimental value, encourage them to help other close family and friends remember their loved one by taking home a piece of this collection. Start with a brief history of the deceased’s life, including significant relationships and professional history; interests; and achievements. The music can be favorite hymns. These remembrances can help those left behind as they read about their loved one at a later date. You may wish to have a wake at the home of a family member or at an outside venue. Ensure you leave ample time also for spontaneous toasts, mini eulogies and other personal moments that attendees decide to share on the spot. You can even add a plaque with her name on it.

Selecting music is similar to the process of selecting readings. If you’re looking for fitting music to use in these types of transitions, here are lists of popular contemporary songs, classical music, and traditional hymns used during funerals. Attendees may wear clothing representing the high school. No, you do not need to hold a memorial service if it is not considered necessary, or perhaps a very elderly relative passed without many family or friends still alive to attend. No matter the tone and candor, it’s very common to host a reception immediately following the memorial. What about food and drink? Don’t forget to include your support network as well.

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Or have the service in the backyard of the home, and ask each guest to bring a lawn chair or picnic blanket to sit on. You can etch your loved one’s name into the pendent. On the inside of the program though, stick to simple sans serif fonts that are easy to read. This is a new trend in celebration of life ideas. 00 via Paypal or Credit Card. Typically a service lasts approximately an hour.

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If you're that someone – I'm sorry. Tropical flowers for a travel lover, jerseys for a diehard football fan, bright yellow decorations that reflects a loved one’s cheerful personality — decor can be a great addition to any memorial service, and help set an instant tone for guests. Unlike a traditional funeral , a memorial service is a gathering where a casket is not present (although the urn with the cremated remains may be on display). If the kids are at an appropriate age, this could be a fun way to remember a loved one. Everyone needs that sacred moment when family and friends gather and remember the deceased.

There is no strict time frame for a wake, unless you’ve hired the venue for a limited time. During this highly emotionally time, it may be nice to have a written copy to reference in the event thoughts become scattered. After the funeral service, it may be only close family members who attend the person’s committal. Consider making copies of the slideshow to hand out to callers as a keepsake. Decide who will lead the service – options include a clergyperson, adult son or daughter, spouse, friend, or sibling. Details about the service can be published in local papers, along with the obituary.

  • Have them prepared and served at the reception.
  • You can easily order a video booth online from SpeechBooth.
  • Housed within the historic 1928 Carnation Dairy Factory, Luce Loft specializes in hosting Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties and other Private Events.
  • As attitudes towards death and funerals have changed, it’s become more acceptable for people to take a different approach towards the wake, using it as an opportunity to celebrate the deceased’s life rather than holding a solemn affair.
  • Or, if the deceased would have wanted a party, go ahead and crack a keg or open that special bottle of fifty-year old scotch.
  • Knit gloves and hats for a local homeless shelter, with a personalized tag of “[Deceased person’s name] wishes you love and joy”.

Host a holiday memorial service on Facebook Live.

Music provides quiet background. Listen to what they have to say and have some kind words of condolence. You’ll need adequate room for your guests to chat amongst themselves before and after the service, seating for the formal eulogy or service, and places for people to set their food and drinks. A guest book and pen are required for visitors to sign as they enter. Flowers are a given at nearly every funeral service, and you likely already know they provide a great way to customize the ceremony to the life lived. Host a movie marathon where you watch your loved one’s favourite movies with family and friends. One very important thing to remember when planning a celebration of life is that it reflects your loved one’s passions. You should contact the funeral home soon after the passing of your loved one so as to keep the remains properly preserved.

Traditionally, guests attend the wake after the funeral service.

If your loved one was a sports lover, deposit ashes on your loved one’s favourite baseball field or golf course. But it’s not solely meant to be decorative. You can hang ceramic photographs in your wind chime to personalize it. If a memorial service is not going to happen, there are many ways to say goodbye in a way that is respectful after the funeral. Keep in mind this is another time guests may ask to give impromptu toasts or share anecdotes, so be sure you have enough time and space to accommodate them.


Finally, a wonderful addition to the closing of the memorial program is with a memory takeaway. Wear your loved one’s favourite tie on special occasions (for example, a wedding, christening, or a celebration of life service). Plant a tree in your loved one’s name. Another time, we chose a playlist of the deceased's favourite pop songs, which we played at the beginning and end of the service, though we omitted Another One Bites the Dust. One can also hang photos above the memory table. When it comes to considering location, all you need to think about is how much you want to spend and roughly how many people will be in attendance. Remember to choose appropriate tunes to set the mood as guests arrive, in between speeches or as an interlude during a moment of remembrance, and a recessional as the ceremony concludes. This is a simple way to allow guests to participate and interact with the memory of your loved one.

Please note that some of the ideas listed below include affiliate links, by which – at no cost to you – we get a small commission of any sales purchased after you leave our site. If a host will be leading the event, you can still choose meaningful customized elements, such as readings and music. If you want to decorate the venue with flowers or photographs, or set up entertainment (see below), you may need to visit the venue beforehand. Just don’t make a 30 minute slideshow for the service; instead, play the 30 minute slideshow during the reception when people can be more relaxed.