They charge you based on how many accounts you’re managing. 49 per month on a 12-month contract and includes 50GB of storage and 1,000GB of monthly data transfer, as well as the addition of the WebHost Manager app for free. Understand the preferences of your customers and create unique packages that you think will win their business. The criteria we used to evaluate the best reseller hosting platforms include: Unlike other hosting providers, GoDaddy doesn’t advertise a more expensive renewal rate when your contract expires. When you’re just starting out, you don’t want to face huge initial costs or be tied down with long contracts.

For example, if you already have an established web development company, then you have an established client base to which you can pitch your new hosting packages.

That’s why small companies sometimes offer surprisingly better service than the profit-chasing giants. Yes, reseller hosting is profitable. This is a really helpful program that gives you back-end access to your client’s cPanel. Each credit gives your customers unlimited email accounts, daily backups, and free automatic SSL certificates. Simple automation, comment signatures. Whatever the case may be, when you decide that you want to become a web hosting reseller, you need to make sure that you’re working with the best reseller hosting providers.

  • SiteGround has always been strong with WordPress, which can be challenging to host just right.
  • How does reseller hosting work?
  • If the plans aren’t working out for you, you have a one-month refund period.

Final Thoughts

To affect our business, providers had to offer unlimited bandwidth. SiteGround allows purchasing plans in much smaller numbers – five to get started, 11 or more to get the best price – and these are only activated when you sell them. Welcome onboard! Krystal's Trinity plan is probably the best value, giving you 50 cPanel accounts with 100GB storage for $35 a month. That being said though, they’re known for high-quality hosting and great support. The basic plan costs you almost twice as much per client as the most expensive one. Also, clients have come to expect web hosting services from their web design agency, so if you don’t already offer this service, now would be a good time to start. The renewal can almost double the pricing.

Where as in affiliate program, you can refer clients directly to ScopeHosts in exchange for a commission of up to 15%, along with other benefits like free VPS and Dedicated Servers, T&C applied*. Great performance. They have four reseller plans to choose from. Reseller hosting means buying a server space, market it on the web, and sell it on to your customers.

Having extensive documentation is also a must.

The Power of Reseller VPS

There are many providers that are fantastic, but comparing them amongst each other can prove to be difficult. Those looking for reseller hosting plans with unlimited storage should consider GoDaddy, which includes unlimited storage in all plans for as little as $8. Some of you may not have any experience with reseller hosting. But you need to understand that this is just a promotional rate for new customers. In this arrangement, the reseller hosting company will maintain the servers for you, while you focus on your core competencies. Table of contents, another benefit to this pay-as-you-go model is that you can easily upgrade your services over a specific time if you expect a boost in traffic. We live, sleep and breathe web hosting.

Do that multiple times for 4-6 weeks to make sure the company is consistent with their customer support. It includes unlimited accounts so users can host an unlimited number of sites. FREE Reseller Hosting Resources $5. You can either pay for WHMCS or use a Softaculous integration. Is reseller hosting profitable? When push comes to shove, though, WHMCS is more user-friendly, which tips the scales in its direction.

With the help of the WebHost Manager (WHM) & the cPanel Control Panel tools, which come with the unlimited reseller hosting plans, you can maintain full control over all your web hosting clients and their resource usage. What is Reseller Hosting and Why Should I Care? These plans may change as Brixly’s client base grows. Does it offer white label reseller hosting? All they need to do is sign up with one of the best web hosting reseller companies and then they can begin selling hosting packages to people across the Internet. We will provide you with unlimited email groups, groups recipients, and email lists.

TOP cPanel Reseller Web Hosting Plans

You will have access over cPanel and WHMCS panel, which will allow you to add or delete the features on client’s account. Not only with the reseller revenue cover your own web hosting costs, it’ll put some extra bills in your pocket — paving the way for reaching new audiences and upgrading the infrastructure powering your burgeoning business. Tsohost's Reseller Hosting plan aims to help you sleep easier by providing unlimited storage and bandwidth for up to 100 sites.

You’re limited to one website and 10GB of SSD storage per account, but SiteGround throws in a free content delivery network, caching tools, automatic daily backups, and incredibly responsive and helpful support agents. It provides unlimited cPanel reseller accounts with WHMCS billing application. When it comes to pricing, SiteGround has some of the prices around, starting from as little as $33/$42year. This service allows you to start with own web hosting company. The first step towards building a blazing fast website is to choose a web hosting account that doesn’t slow down your clients’ sites. The platform, usually available as a one-click installation through Softaculous or other popular script libraries, simplifies and automates common tasks associated with running a web hosting business. Cons of using hostmonster hosting, it ain’t classy, and it just never will be! Every client is allowed to opt the suitable server location during the signup.

Start reselling hosting having initially invested $20-$25 of your savings.

Unlike with other alternatives, with us, if you make no sales, there will be no charges.

Free Reseller Bonuses

Therefore, for the convenience of these actions, the specific system is used, like for example, WHMCS and BILLmanager — software for managing services and customer accounts, in particular, to automate receiving and processing of payments. This was nearly all we could legally do to see if the hosting provider can realistically provide the service they claim they can. That way, they ensure their business remains profitable even if they can’t attract more clients.

Nevertheless, it exists, and I checked it out. Their packages can be purchased in quantities of 10 clients. Unfortunately, ResellerClub support is not available via live chat, and there have been complaints that other support avenues are too slow. As long as the provider gets their monthly rate, the sky is the limit for what you can charge. You get the features you expect for the price you’d expect to pay—no surprises and no catches. The host offers all the features needed to create a successful reseller business. The way to apply this for reselling is to charge your clients a fixed price per month, with a significant markup, let's say $25/month (meaning with a single client, you are already profitable). Since they offer only managed hosting products, you don’t have to hire a system admin to manage your hosting services.

The Ultimate WordPress Launch Checklist

To learn more about GoDaddy, read our in-depth review. All you have to do is buy a reseller hosting plan and allocate the resources to your customers as per their requirements and sell or price tag them as per your standards. InMotion offers free billing software, free cPanel and WHM, free SSD drives, white label services, DDoS and malware protection, and server management features for select packages. To find a hosting solution that will give you the support you need to become a successful reselling host, read our user reviews and find the right platform to kick off your reseller hosting venture. 99% 2 InMotion Hosting Fast and Secure web server Speed :

All Plans Include

You get a 45-day money-back guarantee. This allows customers to use their own names on hosting accounts instead of the reseller hosting provider name. Taking all the features you get into consideration, A2 Hosting’s pricing is one of the fairest offers you can get.

Moreover, all resellers also get a premium WHMCS client management and billing software. We provide support via live chat, email and ticketing system. 95/month, and $62. You could even offer an affiliate program once you start growing so that your clients can start pushing your services to anybody they meet. Bear in mind that pricing depends on the disk space and bandwidth you get in your account. 95/month for 50 plans. It means minimization of expenses without cuts on quality. Client management tools :

It is similar to Shared Web Hosting in that it includes web hosting that is shared among other accounts on the same server. Also, there’s no money-back guarantee. Best “beginner” website design & hosting, third-party sources, like Pingdom, were used to monitor and analyze performance. Do I need to be a hosting expert to be a reseller? You can’t live in this business without 24/7 support. Based on our vision, InMotion is the top reselling web hosting that comes with cPanel. This is a great way to make a profit with a web hosting reseller business and from a few other ways as well.

Quick Comparison Of The Top 100 Plans In This Category Ordered By Brand Rating

With tons of sites and the need for total control over each one, our cPanel/WHM Reseller Hosting has got you covered. A web hosting reseller is someone that buys a large hosting package from a hosting company and sells off pieces of it for a profit. GreenGeeks - top green hosting reseller.

Some hosts simply don’t offer any reseller options at all, so it’s very important to ask pre-sales questions before signing up for a host you are interested in.

It gives you 80GB of disk space and 800GB of bandwidth per month for unlimited client accounts. You also have a maximum of 25 accounts with the cheapest plan. In addition, you can create several templates, as there may be several hosting plans for various prices. The best thing is that you get WHMCS client management/billing software and over 400 brandable video tutorials for your customers. Additionally, by having funds in an AutoScaling Balance, resources are allocated and charged accordingly on an hourly basis through a pre-paid model.

Choose a Reliable Web Host: Contract for the best reseller hosting plan. A hosting provider that compromises on speed can sabotage your business’ reputation. SiteGround offers cPanel with Softaculous. If this does occur, find out what the parent company is and contact them.

95/month for the 12-month contract $29.

Add Trust Seals To The Footer Of Your Website

At this point, it is important delineate the spheres of involvement of a main provider and a hosting reseller. For more complex support queries, hosts offer different provisions. Their customers never know who’s providing the hosting on the other side. You are also likely to encounter WebHost Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) software that lets you manage many customer-related features, including sign-ups, automated billing, and account termination. Other than that, the features are good. If you are going to sell web hosting you will have to store the personal details of your customers such as names, addresses, e-mails, credit cards in your billing system on your server. At the same time, it's a good and very much affordable start for your own web hosting business.

Needless to say, you got to be more than adept to be able to deal with managing hosting of your own and that of your vendees. When independently purchased, WHMCS costs $15. Reseller hosting offers a number of benefits. #9: wpx hosting is rated as the #1 most trusted web host on out of 200 companies. Automatic weekly backups and 24/7 server monitoring are standard as well.

The hosting market keeps growing and growing every year, with more and more websites getting created, more companies and people going online. Besides that, you'll be able to resell domains at a wholesale price. Whether you’re purchasing a VPS or Dedicated server to sell shared hosting accounts, or using our free WHMCS plugin to sell Cloud VPS or Cloud Dedicated products, reselling Liquid Web is easy. Here’s what I found. InMotion Hosting has been showing impressive results so far.

There are so many different reseller hosting providers and plans available on the market today.

But First, What Is Reseller Hosting?

For example, WHMCS starts at $18. For those already with a full-time job, freelance projects hosted through a reseller account can supplement your income and keep skills sharp. It’s all up to the reseller and determining the plan size that they want to offer depends on their target customers.

Here’s a breakdown of what each reseller plan offers. However, if you’re already good at marketing and know how to price your products to sell, you have a good chance of success. Pricing plans come with different amounts of allocated resources. The other major point to reference when signing up for a reseller hosting plan is whether cPanel, WHMCS, and an Enom domain reseller license is provided free with the account.

Strategic Partner

If uptime is 90%, that means the website is down for 36. The reseller purchases the host's services wholesale and then sells them to customers in smaller pieces. While many hosts market specific reseller plans, others may permit you to resell space on a VPS or dedicated server account. WHM panel provides the ability to create a template plan , which will be duplicated on all accounts. This also allows you to offer a more managed hosting solution at a higher price point. Such a service actually implements significant technology optimizations in the hosting infrastructures which make businesses hosted on their service incredibly, fast and incredibly safe. HostGator includes all the essentials and then adds some more.

GreenGeeks reseller hosting is 100% white label. For example, this could be web design firms that specialize in content-heavy sites with sensitive data, such as hotels or travel booking sites. Brixly has a high 9. It’s essentially white label website hosting. Still, it’s something to test out for yourself during the 30-day trial period. Each individual customer usually has their own unique login to a cPanel account for domain management and server administration, which can also be rebranded by the reseller.


Can I offer free web hosting service for my clients ? Home → Best Hosts → No. 99% 4 A2 Hosting Reliable web hosting provider Speed : All plans come equipped with SSLs, dedicated IPs, cPanel, as well as free WHMCS license: Thanks in large part to the wide range of server options, we especially appreciate the services InMotion Hosting offers to resellers.

By using their servers.

Hostwinds Web Hosting

But with its 99. There are also additional tools provided for WordPress and web development with the Plesk license. As your business grows, you may find this system restrictive, compared to other hosts that give you complete control.

If something goes wrong, they’ll hold you responsible. While most reseller hosting plans are Linux-only, A2 Hosting offers Windows plans as well. References, typically, installation is faster, and your sites will run faster. We also offer web hosting, reseller hosting, servers, domains, email hosting and more. 99% uptime guarantee, free 24/7 support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If your server happens to go down and a client complains about the downtime go ahead and give them credit.

Here briefly know about the top reseller hosting services and their features: Leonardo spins a top, and users are left wondering whether he has made it back to the real world or is choosing to live with his children in a dream. If you just try to go by this knowledge alone, you may run into some very confusing things. How is technical support managed? To counter that, these providers offer discounts on their reseller accounts based on the number of customers they have signed up for web hosting services. These accounts cost more than the very low-end competition, but they're hardly expensive, with prices starting at $3. Of course, unmetered bandwidth doesn’t mean unlimited resources.

Why offer free SSL certificates if you don’t have to, right?

Product Selection

Even so, it has racked up impressive user reviews in the meantime. Don’t get me wrong; InterServer is neither a newcomer nor that small. Why choose 000webhost?, you can add up to three subdomains to your hosting space. Client cPanels are easily customizable.

ResellerClub has plans starting at $10. Then again the availability of integrated account management tools, and billing software, server resource flexibility, best server performance with high uptime, and technical support are the highly required factors from a Reseller hosting provider. As a reseller, you’re obliged to offer technical support to your customers.

A Quick Word On Pricing

ScopeHosts have servers in USA, Netherlands, Germany and Russia. (95/mo renewal) includes 90GB disk space and 900GB bandwidth. This cheap reseller hosting provider will take care of the requirements of your central interest into consideration. You get more bandwidth and less storage than usual. You are instead restricted to 2/3/4/4 CPU cores and 4/6/8/16Gb of RAM.

The price is important however the quality is more important. They will depend on you to provide backups if something goes wrong. Many times, people looking to have a website made by a developer, don't have much or any knowledge about web hosting.