10 "Best" Website Builders (Easy to Use & Flexible)

Once you select your template, you can get started right away — and have your website live within an hour.

Website creating services enable job seekers to make resume sites and stores to create eCommerce sites in a matter of hours. You can also upload your own photos and create image galleries. They start at $14/month for the basic plan. Of course, you can customize your business website later or even create a brand-new personalized website from the ground up. The integration with the Unsplash image library provides clients with access to more than a million quality images, something that can take the burden of taking high-resolution images and constantly sourcing quality photos out of your hands. The ability to customize your site is limited.

  • I like WordPress for its ability to run just about any site you can think up.
  • Shopify comes with four plans—Basic Shopify for $29/month, Shopify for $79/month, Advanced Shopify for $299/month, and Shopify Plus for around $2,000/month.
  • One way to solve this is by using managed WordPress hosting, which means someone else looks after the technical aspects of running your site, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.
  • We signed up and tested each of these popular website builders.

They can open the assistant in the bottom right corner and click “leave a message” twice to contact support. Weebly has professionally-designed templates that are fully responsive, but there isn’t that much variety to choose from. They also should improve their loading speeds as they are particularly slow on mobile devices. You can create your store by using a hosted eCommerce software (which is quite user-friendly), or choose a self hosted open-source software.

Since then it's basically been abandoned. If you don’t mind dabbling with code, you can enable lazy loading. They have an excellent blend of online store functionality with website builder features. It’s a significant benefit compared to WordPress, which does not. Generally, website creators are very easy to use; still, some are easier than others.

Now that your website is live, we need to make it look how you want it to look. There is a built-in function to lazy load images and videos, though, so you can easily bring this down below 2. How to choose the right web hosting service, if something goes wrong on your website’s back end or your site is hit with a sudden outage, you won’t want to want to wait until business hours for help. We've reviewed many of those, but they didn't make the cut, either because of outdated site designs, lack of site-building options, or inadequate ease-of-use. Their online stores start from $26 and $40 per month. The platform offers an easy and user-friendly way to get an e-commerce website store up and running online, and it supports business owners throughout the process with their e-commerce tools. However, the knowledge base is quite comprehensive and provides information about all the features they are offering. However if you want advanced features and more control over your content, then nothing will beat self-hosted WordPress (#1 option in our list).

Wix is my #1 choice as they are the easiest and most feature-rich platform on the market and have some of the best themes.

Summing It Up.

Setting up an eCommerce store using WordPress can be quite challenging if you’ve never done it before. You will be amazed and impressed by how easily and quickly Shopify adjusts to the needs of your web business. These are subscription services with drag-and-drop interfaces and we’ll explain the pros and cons of each of them in detail. The quality of your result depends directly on the choice of your website builder, whether you’d like to buy a paid version or limit yourself to a free one. That means you can test it out first before choosing which is the best website builder for your small business. I recommend using FileZilla, which is easy to use and free to download here.

Let’s see how the website builder aimed at creatives fares against the competition. Theme customization has the same problem: Even their free plan is relatively powerful, providing features like password-protection and a small ecommerce website with up to 5 products. Get too many apps, and it can take a toll on your wallet. We measure uptime constantly. Minimum wordpress hosting features to look for, greenGeeks also stays up to date with the latest technology like PHP7, SSD, CDN and more. It provides you with a multitude of options, all pooled on to the same platform so that you don’t have to run around for getting professional assistance. Weebly offers a fully hosted platform, so you are locked to the features they offer. Wix wants you to connect your domain before you see the email pricing, for example.

” Of course, Hostinger also offers you a free domain name and access to 24/7 customer support.


It has a fair amount of add-ons, website templates and tools, and the universal style editor and strong photo editing are helpful. Finding free website builders and hosting services is like that rich, lush oasis in the middle of a desert — the perfect ideal, but oftentimes just a mirage. You should have a hassle-free way to add: However, during the trial period, you will get to experience all the hidden gems that this fantastic software offers to all its customers.

So you’ve done the hard work and toiled for a long time. Aesthetic versatility is what this editor promises as you can navigate it on any browser or device with its pixel-perfect features. Who doesn’t know GoDaddy? However, this option is only available for specific types of business sites at the moment. If you do the matching, it is almost impossible to go wrong with one of these. If you are interested in how it stacks up against WordPress, then see our comparison of Wix vs WordPress. SquareSpace doesn’t offer any free plans, but it does provide a two-week trial to test its waters.

T make things really versatile, Shopify lets you sell products at your brick and mortar shop, even accepting payments in person, which makes expanding your brand, and your customer base a breeze. If you’ve made it this far, you already know what a website builder is, how it works, and which the top choices are. Hosting plans come with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor and tons of free themes to create your online space. Afterwards, it renews annually for $20.

Dedicated Hosting

Also, SiteBuilder doesn’t offer any free plans. More hostucan tools, when deployed with HTTPS, CsrfViewMiddleware will check that the HTTP referer header is set to a URL on the same origin (including subdomain and port). A large selection of categories for web themes allows you to create modern websites for almost any small business niche. There are hundreds of themes and plugins available for WordPress, both free and paid. Use the drag-and drop editing to easily create the site you want. You can create stunning websites with parallax, animation, and video backgrounds, all without having to touch a single line of code. The more-powerful site builders include product promotions, email marketing, and inventory and shipping tools.

We found it to be in between Wix and Weebly in terms of ease of use, though it did get consistently positive marks from reviewers for the quality of design.

Types of Website Builders

More creative users will be disappointed by the limited customization options. After listening to small business concerns, they have decided to create the world’s first artificial intelligence powered website builder that helps you create a website in minutes (without writing any HTML code). BigCommerce dashboard. There is no preview— you just sort of guess and test.

Every small business should make use of these kind of tools in order to grow into a larger business.

Pixpa is a website building platform tailored for creative professionals. Today, the market is full of builders that manage to combine paid hosting and other premium options with basic free perks. Now we’ll share with you our list of the top website builders.

Website Builder Filter

You can set up an online store thanks to its integration with Ecwid, or create a business or personal website if you prefer. Here is our 5-minute test site. Indeed, WebStarts has a chance to become a good website builder – but only after fixing several annoying bugs.

Website builders have been around for decades but a new generation now exploit new technologies like responsive and mobile platforms.

Easiest To Use

If you’re not sure about how much bandwidth you need, you can always start with a smaller subscription: Strikingly is still an okay choice for one page websites. Get started on Wix now. This email address can be managed either through your website builder, domain provider or an external service. If you’re still not ready to commit, we suggest you pick a website builder with a free plan or a free trial option that will allow you to test features relatively risk-free.

This is overall good for us, the consumers, as competition between these providers ensures a better product, lower price points and more versatility in the long run. Even if at the moment, all you need is a one page, informational website, you'll want to be open to the possibility that your website can grow in the future to include features like eCommerce and blogging. It’s a good ‘next step’ beyond a typical website builder. I just have a powerful urge to go code a website the hard way for a while. There’s not much to say here; the drag and drop page editor, intuitive interface, and helpful suggestions make Weebly extremely easy to use. Have your web space under complete demand and grow to new heights with the impressive Squarespace. That depends on your needs. Gator paid plans start from $3.

Having a website builder that offers great customer support via multiple channels is a big plus for obvious reasons. By investing only a few dollars per month, website owners can unlock a ton of perks and add-on features that can really impress your users and improve the functionality of your website. Strikingly then generates a basic website based on your LinkedIn profile. An important factor for a choosing the best website builder is whether the interface is user-friendly and easy-to-use. The website builders that we suggest offers a wide range of free and paid stock photos and templates that you can use for your website. All you can change from the dashboard are the colors. Beyond just building a page with each of these site builders, it was my job to look at the services and identify “the best one(s).

What Kinds Of Sites Can Be Created With A Website Builder?

87% and a page speed of 724ms. It’s one of the best tools I’ve seen to get a site that matches your vision, even if you don’t know yet how you’d articulate that vision. Of course, your website will appear well in browsers and on mobile phones, as well as tablets. If you already have a credit card on file in your GoDaddy account, you can choose to turn on auto-renew for the Websites + Marketing plan and will be charged at the end of the free trial. It is the same with free website builder software – it costs nothing, but the premium option is often better. In today’s fast-paced world, nobody wants to wait for days or months for their website to be ready. The look of your website on tablets is something that is often overlooked.

You can try it out on a small scale before paying. Some people find there’s a learning curve for building your site, though Squarespace’s excellent support will help solve any issues. For more advice and alternatives to DIY website building, check out our primer, How to Create a Website. But from the other, one has a lot of hidden costs you probably wouldn’t want to come across. SquareSpace is a popular content management system and website builder launched in 2020. Just to name few of them: So depending on your sales volume on a given month, those savings for our online store could really add up. Over a 6 month period, I monitored my website’s uptime with Weebly and here are the results:

Many of the available tools are clunky, and the app store does not offer nearly enough integrations to match the functionality of the top website builders.

In many cases, it’s actually a very good approach to familiarizing yourself with the task of creating a website. Design options are not as extensive as their contenders. Wide variety of third-party apps The Shopify gives you access to many third-party apps that can work with your online store. ‘Free’ versions sound great. With website speed, though, WiX could do better. The degree to which you want to do this depends on your goals, budget, and the strength of your competition. Its designs are promising indeed. You want to make sure that the cost is something that can comfortably fit into the budget for yourself or your small business as this is going to be a recurring charge either monthly or annually.


However, in all our reviews, you’ll find clear details of the pricing plans and extra costs (e. )Weebly’s speed and performance is actually quite good. Unlike IKEA, Squarespace is pricier than other website builders. With this information, you will be able to pick the perfect tool. Like most other commerce-focused builders, Shopify's platform is geared toward your product and sales details. Website builders are a perfect solution for individuals and small businesses to start a website without hiring a developer. However, the domain registration cost is generally (20% – 30%) higher when you register with a site builder company of maintaining a domain will be higher (around $20 with a website builder). The $8 option seems like the best deal if you're setting up a blog and thinking about monetizing it at some point.

With a superior customer support, regardless of your desire or intention for having a website, whether for business or blogging, Moonfruit has you covered in its entirety.

To build your Shopify store, simply go to Shopify’s website and follow the instructions to build an account. About datapipe, unlike today’s massive Data Center vendors who provide rigid, overpriced commodity products, Latisys has created a highly scalable model to consistently deliver you exactly what you need, when you need it. But if you want to add more advanced features, the options are a bit limited. While all the layouts and designs of SimpleSite are mobile-ready, it also features full-blown mobile editing. SITE123 helps clients enrich their website content by providing them with an extensive list of website plugins, including analytical tools, live chat support, marketing, and webmaster tools.

It offers you not just its own features, but the features of a ton of other developers. Limitless possibilities require time to understand how to use everything properly; not all WordPress plugins and themes are compatible with one another. Our test site made with SITE123. You must purchase a premium Wix plan or buy their “Mailbox” add-on plan.

And don’t forget that you will also need to purchase a web hosting account.

Website builders make it easy for anyone to create a site using pre-made templates and simple drag-and-drop editing.

How To Narrow Down The Top Mobile Website Builders

There are way too many limitations in place with each plan. If you are a professional photographer, you might like Pixpa. 98% and a page speed of 264 ms. They’re ready to help you 24/7 by phone, email, or live chat. Recommended plan for budget: As you can see, there are quite a few factors to consider when choosing an easy online website builder. With thousands of website builders available (free & paid), choosing the one that perfectly aligns with your requirements can be challenging. You need a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve, and represent, and what your goals are.

Numerous tutorials provide the perfect environment for new website owners to get familiar with creating a website. If you couldn’t care less about about the technology that makes it all possible and just want to see results, use a website builder. We are experienced users ourselves, and what we consider an easy website builder is hardly universally true. Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring a developer: Site123 gives you over 25 “website structures” (layouts) to choose from, so you can play around with different options to see which one you prefer. BigCommerce comes with many features built-in to handle conversion rate optimization such as cart abandonment, improved product search, product reviews, coupons, and more. If there were an award for best website builder templates, Squarespace would be the clear winner. Choose from hundreds of designer templates that you will surely love through the roof.

Which Website Builder Is The Best?

Active community – Weebly hosts an active forum where you can interact with other Weebly users. A2 hosting, 99/mo after your first year at the starting . If you use a web hosting company like Bluehost, all three of these things are included in one package: The host below provides a powerful web builder that gives job seekers the ability to quickly create sites that showcase their CVs and professional work.

All there is left to say from my side is to leave a comment if you get stuck in the process.

Moreover, it offers email automation, third-party plugins and supports automatic syncing with social networks. Let’s see what exactly it has to offer. Finding the best website builder for your needs also requires some review reading and testing, but once you get it, you’ll have considerable creative power literally at your fingertips. As we’ve said, Squarespace is geared towards creative types and lets you create gorgeous websites. If you’re after an all-in-one website builder that lets you easily build a website from scratch without having you to sign up for a third-party service, then Squarespace could be the best choice. Should you pull the trigger? While an @gmail is okay, you really should consider the upgrade, even if it costs an extra five bucks a month.

What you need to do is upload your contents and pick the appropriate mockup for each tool from the offered variety.

Which Best Represents You?

Weebly also allows for exporting your website. Wix covers the full ease-of-use spectrum by offering an AI-fueled automatic website creator on one end ("Wix ADI") that requires minimal effort from the user, all the way to Wix Corvid, an open development platform for advanced applications like Javascript, databases and data-driven dynamic pages. By using Zoho’s drag-and-drop page builder, you can awaken your inner designer and go as creative as you would like. The supercharged Business plan lets you create sites with unlimited web store products and high-end store features like product reviews and discount coupons, retailing at $25 ($19) a month.

Unfortunately, there is no drag and drop; everything is handled via a sidebar – content input, layout, colors, everything.

Pre-Made Templates.

We have no complaints about the Site123 knowledge base. Our easy to use drag and drop editor makes it a breeze to place photos, text, and other elements exactly where you'd like them to appear on your page. {{stats.single.total_active_clients.valueformatted}}, it pre-integrates CloudFlare’s CDN and uses SSD drives to boost your speed. Which is the most user-friendly website builder? They also offer specifically targeted templates based on your site's purpose, such as for promoting a bakery's sales, getting gigs for a musician, or keeping wedding guests informed. There are a couple of downsides to keep in mind. How to choose a free website builder? What’s better? With that being said – even being a beginner doesn’t mean you can’t figure out WordPress.

But what makes them a true favorite in our ranking is the smart system to create a multilingual website, which is included in the Business plan ($10 per month).

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Once it’s finished downloading and you’ve unzipped the file, you will need an FTP (file transfer protocol) client to upload those files to your web hosting server. Thanks to their App Market you can easily add new features to your website (ex. Navigation menu, google isn’t the only search engine on the web, but it is the most popular, and the most sophisticated. )Those type of limitations don't give you the flexibility and control required to succeed online. Learn something new with the included and free courses, programmed by industry experts and catered to everyone.

Let’s Summarize All This…

Be sure to stick with known brands which offer low monthly payments and even free plans. However, the customer support and the editor were a little lacking, though. Shared hosting, when I told our CTO about the migrations, he didn’t believe me – so we migrated another site to WP Engine together. Click here to get started with InMotion Hosting.


Furthermore, Mozello pages are mobile- and Retina-ready, as well as in-tune with modern web browsers. With any plan, you get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. We tested each website builder’s ability to accomplish this. This is all thanks to the 92 templates, all fully responsive and amazing-looking.

I would say that at this moment, the people doing it best are the people at Wix, but you might find that one of the other services fits your purpose even better. Domain names are the URLs that users put into their web browser when they want to visit a website. A way to add custom forms? The functionality you’ll need to create a landing page and an online store can vary. The service helps you make an appealing and eye-catchy page that will help you win over even more visitors and potential clients. There are 72 templates in the theme store —only 10 free and 62 paid – each available in several variants. Monetization – Online stores have a direct way of making money, but sites that don’t sell products have different strategies.

If you’re a small business who don’t want to use WordPress, then Constant Contact is definitely a great choice. Squarespace starts off with a $12-a-month Personal plan, which includes unlimited storage, bandwidth and a domain, and offers an $18 Business website plan that includes unlimited contributors, a Gmail pro account, and e-commerce store builder capabilities. What’s more, response times are not great. Compared to others on this list, Webs design templates did seem a touch outdated. Additionally, you only have the option to add a navigation menu that is one level deep, there is no app store to use, and there is no email support, which is something many businesses rely on. Either create from the ground up or choose from numerous ready-made templates.